I have found a blog that has already provided me with useful advice on writing; including dealing with rejection and understanding copywright. It is fast becoming my new bible; Womagwriters blog.

From this, I have found a link to a new magazine called Vintage Script, that publishes fiction and non-fiction on the theme of History. I have submitted a revamped version of Fur Die Strase from Geek Club so we shall see how far we get. The magazine don’t offer payment as yet but it’s a publishing credit, which I am trying to achieve.

I wait with baited breath…..

I have also found a link to Australian That’s Life Fast Fiction Guidelines and I have submitted an attempt from Geek Club for their consideration. However I am not overly confident about this one either. I suppose the only way to learn and get published is to bite the bullet, jump in at the deep end and persevere.

Fingers crossed.

Love Missuswolf xxx

What are your thoughts?