Geordie Weaning – Aldi anything

Wednesday 5th October 2016


So for those of you who follow my blog you maybe remember a slight meltdown a few weeks ago on The Woes of Weaning.

Ella was a week shy of six months old.

Looking back, I basically put too much pressure on myself to puree my own veg, spoon-feed this as well as pouched food and attempt Baby Led Weaning.

All. At. Once.

I know – a bit of a mare right and yeah – what an idiot.

Now I sometimes try to be this ultimate superwoman- supermammy person and it inevitably backfires.

Time-out. Take a deep breath in and … exhale … ahhhh.

Think about this logically.

The food blender has been returned to my sister as I have neither the time nor the patience for that.

Let’s try a bit of the pouched food at lunchtime, after her milk. You know, test the water.

Little pouches like these are perfect. You can get them from Aldi cheap as chips and they have a variety of different flavours. They’re organic too woohoo.

Missuswolf MamiaDaysOut Aldi

I bloomin love Aldi.

Have done for years. The thrill of how much you can chuck in your trolley for the cheapest price – argh I thrive on a challenge.

Missuswolf MamiaDaysOut Aldi Britmums


So far – so good.

There’s been no choking or tears – and that’s just from me.

My biggest fear is choking.

I think that’s why I’ve been wary of the Baby-Led-Weaning. There has been loads of emphasis on how good it is but I feel like I have to take baby-steps to get there.

The pouches have been a great way to introduce different flavours to Ella.

Let’s be adventurous

And take this weaning malarkey out of the house and into the big-wide-world.

We go to Baby Massage on a Tuesday morning. All that lying about getting massaged is obvs hard work.

So let’s try a Rice cake. Again, Aldi do fruit flavoured ones such as apple and raspberry. Healthy as well as being 100% organic rice. I may find myself snacking on these too …

Missuswolf Aldi MamiaDaysOut

Aah we’re getting somewhere. She’s started holding and sucking the rice cakes. Hurrah! It helps that she’s around her friend Evie and has been watching and copying her.

Missuswolf MamiaDaysOut Aldi

I’ve got some juice on standby. To help wash it down with. It’s thirsty work lifting these rice cakes to your mouth.

I’ve been a bit panicky about introducing juice but good old Aldi do a lovely Organic apple and blackcurrant spring water drink. It was rather amusing to observe Ella’s little surprised face. She blatantly thought she was necking another bottle of milk.

I know – I’m an evil mammy. But it’s fun to watch them learn and explore.

And that she did.

The juice has been ideal in between milk feeds to go with the rice cake snacks. Her face lights up now when she hears the rustle from the rice cake bag.

I think I’m developing yet another new routine.

And updating my current handbag attire …

Missuswolf Aldi MamiaDaysOut

Preggers ladies and new mams – you can’t go wrong with the nappies and wipes from Aldi either. Just as good if not better.


The pouches are re-sealable so I can pour a little bit into her Minnie Mouse pot on the go and save some for later.

If I was to go back a few weeks, this is what I would tell myself:

Carry on with the couple of spoonful’s of porridge after her milk at breakfast.

The baby rice is good after the lunchtime feed to introduce a new texture. However, although you have the best of intentions to do this everyday, you won’t. Stick with the breakfast routine for now and baby rice as and when you remember. Don’t worry about this you’ll find it will be replaced in a few weeks by pouches.

Onto the pouches. Use half of these at lunchtime after a bottle and the other half at tea time after a bottle. This will introduce new flavours. Pouches are resealable and can be kept in the fridge overnight if not used.

Give her half of an apple and pear pot as her dessert for lunch and tea. That way she’s having savoury flavour first followed by sweet. You don’t want her to get a preference for the sweet stuff first. Rod. Own. Back.

Don’t worry or panic that she’s not interested in picking food up yet. She’s not ready. This will come. Don’t rush – do it when she’s ready, not when you’re ready.

Continue the above routine for a couple of weeks.

Then, introduce a rice cake. Give it to her in her hand and see if she holds it to her mouth. Try hanging out with a friend whose baby is a few weeks older and does this. Let her watch and copy this baby.

Even if she just holds it to her mouth and sucks it – this is still a start.

She will quickly get the hang of it and start chewing the soggy bits that break off in her mouth.

Offer her the rice cakes as an afternoon snack with some juice.

Start placing the rice cakes on her high chair tray and encourage her to pick them up herself.

This technique can eventually then be replaced with food.

She’ll come on leaps and bounds in the weeks following her turning six months. You’ll be amazed and super proud of your little human.

All babies are different and develop at their own pace.

You know your baby.

 Go with what works for them.

The pouches have been great introducing Ella to new flavours.

The rice cakes have given her the practice at holding food and feeding herself. I’ve used them on her high chair tray as an introduction to Baby-Led -Weaning.

And it’s working!

Motherhood is constant trial and error and, just when you think you’ve cracked one thing, bam – along comes another!

So bring on the teething!

And then the potty training (well, not for a while yet but you get my drift).


When will this ever end?

Love Missuswolf xxx

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Finding Sanctuary in a Tub and a Saviour in a Bottle – Stretchmarks

Wednesday August 10th 2016

Please note this post contains affiliate links – thanks.

My teen years were a bit unkind and left me with a few lovely silvery stripes in various places. From the moment that pregnancy test was positive I was straight to Boots racking up the points (they come in handy when your SMP kicks in!) on Stretchmark potions.

Again these are my own purchases and personal recommendations.

A friend recommended the Bounce Back Body Butter by Sanctuary Spa Mum To Be.

mum to be

Oh. My. Word.


It smells great, absorbs well and leaves your skin silky smooth. I still use it now in hope the ‘Bounce Back’ will blitz my uh-hum baby (easter egg) fat. Psst it’s also on offer for £6.99 at the mo instead of £10.49 so if you’re pregnant I highly recommend stocking up. I used to order online and go and pick up in bulk at the Boots Pharmacy in Blyth.

Another product I invested in (it’s a bit steep in price at £69.95 but I was obsessed and sucked in by these things) is Secret Saviours.


You get a day cream to lather on and then wear a fancy bump band that has suction pads on to hold your skin in place. This band was a god send to me as it provides under bump and lower back support. I’ve got a bit of a shitty back with me being so lanky. Plus a physio once told me I have weak back muscles. I clearly didn’t take heed to this advice and do enough exercises to support my own body, let alone grow a small human.

#1 Top Rated Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy – The Secret Saviours Patented and Clinically Tested Maternity Belly Bump Support Band, Gel and Night Cream. 9 out of 10 Women Had No or Significantly Reduced Stretch Marks


Team that with the sexy Maternity Belt  from Jojo Maman Bebe and big Primarni knickers I was a treat for anyone with a warped Pregnancy S&M fetish.

Maternity Belt

Image from Jojo Maman Bebe website


Hot stuff. I’m so pleased I was pregnant over the autumn and winter months so I could hide all that crap.

Secret Saviours also comes with a night time lotion that smells of lavender, which you can lovingly massage onto your bump (or quickly rub in after you’ve rolled into bed).

I bought this at the beginning of December  when I was about twenty five weeks pregnant and the bottles lasted me for about ten weeks. I didn’t bother buying any more as I got towards the end (you can buy the bottles separately) and just relied on Bounce Back Body Butter.

I also went through the odd bottle of Bio Oil as well as Mummy and Me cream from Boots too.

I’m not saying these are miracle workers but all of them combined seemed to be my weapons in the stretchmark battle – touch wood I’ve escaped thus far.

Either that or it was just massaging Aldi’s Lacura Dry Body lotion (about a quid a bottle) into my stomach  for the past five years.

Seriously – that was my stretchmark prevention warm up. Clearly bonkers.


Love Missuswolf xxx