Good Housekeeping Competition


Good Morning lovelies!

This title could be misleading as it makes me sound like I am in a competition in the upkeep of a house – which I clearly am not as I am a wee bit lazy. I’m always exhausted after six days of ten hour shifts so that by the time my days off come around the last thing I want to do is clean/wash/iron – UGHL! (I think once I move from my flat to a house I will magically become a domestic goddess but right now I would rather read/write/watch tv/sleep/sunbathe –  well the latter  was last week by no means this week!)

Back in December I was on a wee trip out with my mother as we so often do on my days off, pottering around the shops. We hadn’t planned to, but we ended up taking a detour to a local supermarket on the way home where we both spotted the Good Housekeeping magazine on the shelves – with a competition to win the chance to have your novel published.

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At this point, I didn’t consider what I was going to write, I just bought the magazine and was safe in the knowledge I had until 31st March as a closing date.

I went about my day contemplating what I could write and then it struck me – I had always planned to write a novel in the New Year based around a woman who loses her job, yet sprinkle it with a comical element. It was slightly based on my own experience and was to include all the daft things I have said and done.

That’s when the lightbulb struck.

Rather than write two novels – one for the comp and the one I was going to write anyway, I thought I may as well go full steam ahead with my Novel Project 2012 and submit that for the competition.

And submit I did.

I sent my entry in on Thursday last week – which consisted of the first two Chapters of the novel which I had given a spring clean since they were first written back in the dark first few days of January. A snippet of Miss Pooshoe has been unleashed to the world and I await to see how far she gets.

The prize is an advance of £25,000 to have your novel published – woohoo! That would come in handy (especially towards the house that will make me a domestic goddess 😉 )

However we have to wait until the end of May to find out… until then, I retreat back to my sofa/garden chair (delete as per appropriate weather) and books.

Love Missuswolf xxx



Timeless Classic Reads


Afternoon All!

Another of my New Years Resolutions was to expand my literature knowledge  and try to broaden the content in what types of writing styles that I read.

This has been made more accessible by My Beloved Kindle.

Thanks to the fabulous Kindle Store on Amazon, they have two Top 100 Lists; Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free.

Not one for missing out on a freebie, I have set straight to work downloading some Classics that are now available as part of the Top 100 Free.

Amongst the Classics available is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Having never seen any of the TV Series or the film, I wanted to experience this book and get a feel of the writing style. It is all part of my journey to  become a writer.

Although it is not what I class as an ‘easy read’ where I can easily slip away into a world of escapism.

It takes me a bit longer to get into this story, especially when I try to read on a night-shift. I find it hard as I have to somewhat concentrate more to read this than other books due to the different narrative and conversant language that is applied. But that’s the beauty of it being a classic; experiencing the writing of someone from the 1800s and how writing styles have progressed since.

Other Classics that I have downloaded for free that I intend to read this year are:

*Little Women

*Black Beauty

*Treasure Island

*The Importance of Being Ernest

*Wuthering Heights

*Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I am hoping it will aid my intellect and make me super brainy (well – one can dream!)

Love Missuswolf xxx