Engage Magazine – have you got your copy?


One of the day’s that I’ve been waiting for these past couple of months arrived yesterday.

Engage Issue One Copies

I got to collect my very own copy (and a few extras) of the brand new lifestyle magazine for Newcastle and Gateshead: Engage Magazine.

After an invigorating morning gym session, I pottered on with some errands then planned my route to James Tennant’s (Director of Engage Magazine) office in the Team Valley Industrial Estate. Due to my lack of Sat Nav possession, I fiddled on with the Google Map’s App on my phone before hanging a washing load out and setting off; the sea breeze and glorious sunshine making for perfect ‘drying conditions.’

The drive was uneventful and I located James’  office with ease – despite the chaotic road works. Upon arrival, I realised that my dad worked in the same industrial estate and I fired a quick text to see if I could swing by afterwards. Daddy Gray was only too happy to accommodate this request and gave me directions to his office.

I met James in the plush air-conditioned reception area, where I was greeted with a smile and a stack of magazines.  We had a brief conversation about the sales I had been working on and then I scooped up the magazines, headed  back to the car park and off to meet my dad.

Turns out I didn’t have to go far; he was literally just down the road and waiting for me on the corner.  I didn’t want to intrude too much on his working day, but he seemed only too happy to show me around his place of work and explain what he did. I was intrigued yet ashamed that I’d forgotten just how clever my dad is (a dab hand at Science homework back in the day).

After the grand tour and meeting some of my dad’s colleagues, in what felt like a delayed bring-your-daughter-to-work-day, we settled down in his office where he browsed through a copy of Engage Magazine. He was suitably impressed and requested a couple of copies for the refreshment area. We caught up on life in general before I made my exit into the sweltering heat of the afternoon, looking forward to sitting reading my copy of Engage in the garden.

Which I did.

Engage garden pic

And thoroughly enjoyed.

If you haven’t got your copy, and you’d like to ensure you receive a copy every time it comes out, you can subscribe on the website.

Also, if you are a local business and would like to feature in Issue Two, we are taking advertisement bookings now so please don’t hesitate to get in touch gemma@engagemagazine.co.uk.

There’s also a daily blog that has just been launched too called Engage Tyneside – why not take a peek?

Happy Reading 🙂

Love Missuswolf xxx






Today was a good day … Busy Bee Thursday

THURSDAY 29th MAY 2014

Today has been rather exciting.  It began with slipping back into more Autumnal attire; old suede boots that were lucky enough to survive last winter and a rainbow-splattered scarf, all thanks to a chilly breeze that sprinkled raindrops.

I hopped aboard a metro; late enough to miss the morning commuters, yet early enough to avoid the half-term hurricane of harassed Engage blog
parents and excitable kids.

I met up with the editor of Engage Magazine in a quaint little coffee shop tucked off Northumberland Street. It was here where we both sipped on our differing versions of cups of tea as we discussed a marketing and sales strategy. Forty-five minutes later, armed with my notebook, a sample magazine and some snazzy new business cards, we parted ways.

After a much needed hair appointment, I took another metro across the water to Gateshead for feedback on yet another interview.

I’m now home, sitting at my kitchen table with my laptop skewwhiff on the floral tablecloth and the back door ajar, the snatches of afternoon sunlight having dried up the morning’s drizzle. I have some marketing emails to draft for the magazine and then I’m off out to see Dirty Dancing at the Theatre Royal.

Life is good.

Oh, did I mention my snazzy new business cards?

Engage Business Cards








If you are interested in advertising in the magazine please get in touch with me at gemma@engagemagazine.

Love Missuswolf xxx