Beautiful Blogger Award


MONDAY 27th AUGUST 2012Back on the 13th August, the fabulous blogger, A Mummys View, nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Her kind words were:

A wonderful, friendly and aspiring novelist who already has a fabulous book, The Ruby of Egypt which you must check out

Now I must nominate six bloggers and tell you ten things about myself that you didn’t know.

Therefore, I nominate:

Michelle Betham – Romance Author an inspirational Indie Author from the North East of England who has successfully self-published five romance novels within the past year.

Kerry-Ann Richardson – What to Write…. A lovely work colleague and a lady who is also on a journey writing a crime novel.

The Fabulous Moms Guide –    a fab lady who has a beautiful blog on parenting with some yummy recipes thrown in the mix too

E.M Tippetts – a wonderful blog from a Chick Lit and YA Author who has just released her new book Castles on the Sand. I have just viewed her media footage for her new book and it’s fantastic.

I am woman campaign –  a great blog that’s about using our voices to help other women, publishing flash fiction aspart of their fundraising strategy which also supports us authors.

H.C Elliston – Fab  and friendly writer,  a lovely lady whose books include that of fast action paced Think Fast Die Last


1) When I was about 7 I was the Princess of a local Shopping Centre…The Keel Row in Blyth! I got to go and cut ribbons at shop openings and parade with Santa around the centre!

2) I am Woman Campaign are have kindly accepted a submission of my flash fiction which they will be featuring in their next anthology eeek.

3) I started to learn how to play the guitar when I was about 11. My poor parens got me a guitar and I went to lessons at school but promptly got bored and put an end to that fad.

4) I used to go to dancing classes on a Saturday morning from the age of 5 til I was 9, doing ballet, tap and modern. I received numerous awards for my capers.

5) I was born in Nottingham but then moved up to the North East when I was 3

A piccie from a walk along Druridge Bay on a rare sunny day this summer

6) I LOVE Geordie Shore, it is my guilty pleasure

7) I visited Mother Shiptons Cave for the first time this summer too and really enjoyed it

8) I have been dog sitting my mother in laws dog a few times this summer and have had some wonderful walks at Druridge Bay with her

9) Went to the Baltic in Newcastle today for the first time. I will most definitely be returning.

10) I love good old British Classic comedies, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses to name a few.

So thanks to A Mummys View for my nomination:-)

Have a great evening

Love Missuswolf xxx


FRIDAY 13th APRIL 2012 (try to ignore that is Friday 13th eeeek! Hope it was an ok day for you!)

Those of you familiar with the  BBC TV Programme Miranda  (starring Miranda Hart) will be well acquainted with the catchphrase ‘What Have You Done Today To Make Me Feeeeeel Proud?’, taken from the song Proud by Heather Small; which is used as an empowering speech daily by Miranda’s best friend, Stevie.

I was introduced to Miranda recently by a colleague at work who kindly let me borrow her ‘what I call’   DVD’s. I spent Saturday just gone on a miserable, dark, grey afternoon watching both series from start to finish. Needless to say, I was hooked ! I kept thinking ‘just another episode’ then before I knew it, I had whizzed my way through them, hee-haw laughing at it – much to the delight of my poor neighbours! Such fun!

Another beautifully funny British Comedy, nice to get snug with a cup of tea too; reminds me of old classics such as Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Absolutely Fabulous and the like.

I have just had a peek at Miranda Hart’s website and I see there is a third series scheduled for Autumn 2012 yey!

So I thought it would be wise to take a leaf out of Stevie’s book and ask…


Well, my good deed for the day was swapping my hours at work to help out another shift. A minor change that, in the grand scheme of things, made a big difference enabling the working environment to operate efficiently; plus the hours suited me and the work got done.

Now, over to you lovelies………


Love Missuswolf xxx