Galaxy Quick Reads – The Little One – Lynda La Plante

TUESDAY 22nd MAY 2012

Woah – what is that yellow thing in the sky???

It is fab to finally see some sunshine and even fabber for it to get into double degree figures, never mind tipping the 20 degree scale! Woohoo! It instantly puts you in a better mood.

Even at work.

Today, due to some rearrangements regarding a meeting, it meant I had an earlier lunch than usual. Luckily for me I had already snaffled a bacon and egg sarnie that saw me through so I was spoilt for choice on what to do on my lunch break.

Taking advantage of the glorious weather, I was planning on going for a walk – until my colleague magically produced a ‘Galaxy Quick Read’ ( a campaign launched in March by Galaxy promoting Quick read books for people to discover the pleasures and benefits from reading) from her bag.

Brand new as well – I feel so privileged (and I LOVE a brand new book, ummm it’s like a whole bar of, well, Galaxy to myself!)

Not only was it a Brand New Book and a Quick Read – throw into the mix a Lovely Lynda La Plante Little One and hey! you have yourself a nice little treat.

So I sat and mused through a few chapters in the courtyard at work in the sun, not being able to put the book down.

The story is of a lady called Barbara who is a bit depressed to say the least at the moment being newly single and having lost her job.

She moves in with her friends Alan and Kevin and, not one for missing an opportunity, manages to invite herself to a birthday bash being held for Margaret Reynolds; an old work colleague (not to mention former Soapstar) friend of Alan’s. I don’t want to give too much away – all I will say is that Barbara ends up staying at Margaret’s Manor House and a chain of events leads to a chilling conclusion.

A fab little read – I perched myself in the garden straight after work to finish this little gem.

Thoroughly enjoyable, I loved the storyline, the idea behind the characters – especially revolving around Margaret’s background. Well thought out and an interesting concept.

I got the same fix from reading this as I get from eating a WHOLE bar of Galaxy. To myself. Yum.

Love Missuswolf xxx


Clean Cut – Lynda La Plante



Well, I have moved onto yet another Thriller writer; Lynda La Plante, following another recommendation.Missuswolf Clean Cut book cover Lynda La Plante

I have only managed a couple of pages this afternoon but I intend to get stuck in when I cosy up into bed tonight. I love opening a new book and waiting to see how it all unfolds!


I am half way through this novel and I am enjoying it. As opposed to the James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell I have recently read, it’s based in England and although it is about murder and awful offenders, I can relate to it more as I can actually visualise  the Police Detective Characters as well as the scenarios i.e the setting up of Major Incident Rooms around the  police stations. Having worked in an administrative role near this type of environment makes this book ever more realistic.

The main character’s strength captures me. DI Travis not only has gruesome murders to contend with, she has a rollercoaster of a personal life to try to run parallel with her work. Thanks to the lovely late Indian Summer and the fact I am night shift tonight, I managed to get a good hours read in the glorious sun this afternoon (makes the book seem less scary whilst read under a bright blue sky). I hope to read a little more this evening during any ‘Q’ times (will not mention the word for fear of jinxing myself)


I finished reading this book last night after attending Lesson three of Geek Club. I thoroughly enjoyed it; it kept me intrigued all the way through albeit at times I did struggle keeping up with the storyline as there was a few characters involved that all linked together. Not to fear though, the author handled this brilliantly by providing a recap several times towards the end as part of the wrapping up of the investigation. Very clever and an interesting storyline.

Love Missuswolf xx