Cuppa and a Catch-Up – An Author Interview with … Michelle Betham

TUESDAY 15th JULY 2014

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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Michelle Betham, a fellow North Easterner and Author to numerous romance novels, including Bon Voyage and Unbreakable.

~Author Bio~

I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember, so it stood to reason that, at some DIGITAL CAMERApoint, I’d start writing some of them down. I currently have ten novels in total to my name, ranging from the sweet to the really quite steamy – which is my favourite kind of romance!  When I’m not creating hot heroes and sexy scenarios I like to read everything from erotica to horror. I’m also a bit of a TV addict with a penchant for “binge-watching”, I love football, darts and rock music, have a slight obsession with Timothy Olyphant, and I’m also an unashamed ‘Breaking Bad’ geek!

 With a string of steamy novels under her belt, including her current football based trilogy ‘The Striker Series’, Michelle is who I liked to refer to as the North East’s answer to Jackie Collins.

 Today she is discussing ‘Extra Time’, the second book in the trilogy.


Extra Time begins just a few months after Striker, Book #1 in the trilogy, left off, and the lives of Amber, Jim, Ryan and Ronnie have all moved on…

*May contain slight spoilers if you haven’t yet read Striker*

Extra Time CoverProfessional footballer Ryan Fisher is determined to show the world he’s a changed man. But moving on isn’t easy, and leaving his old life behind isn’t something he’s coping all that well with, especially when so much of it is still so close to home; when a life he didn’t realise he wanted until it was far too late is still right there in front of him. Does he reach out and try to grab it a second time? Or does he make a decision to leave it all behind in the only way he knows how? Before temptation becomes too hard to resist…

Amber’s life is moving along at breakneck speed. In every aspect. But is everything as happy and settled as she’d like it to be? Has she finally found her happy-ever-after? Or is the past just waiting to creep up on her?

At the age of forty-nine, Jim Allen feels as though his life is just beginning. He’s in love, and his career as one of the country’s most successful football managers is on the ascendant. But Jim knows all is not as it seems. He knows there are more secrets just waiting to come out, secrets that could potentially damage his new life. And this time, they’re secrets he isn’t sure he can control. Is a past he’s spent so long trying to hide finally starting to catch up with him?

As those secrets slowly start to reveal themselves, everyone’s lives once more become entangled as faces from the past and dreams of the future collide, and sex, lies and betrayal all play a part in turning everyone’s worlds upside down. All over again. And when a secret of her own adds to Amber’s heartache, is running back to her old life the best way to escape the pain? Or just the easy option. Is she really strong enough to let go of a man whose hold over her is something she just can’t break? Even if everything inside of her is screaming at her to do so.

But when that old life starts to take hold in a way no one could have envisaged, the game changes once again…

Extra Time – The game continues… but just who is winning…?


Hi Michelle, it’s my pleasure to have you here again!cuppa

Where did the inspiration behind the ‘Striker’ books come from?

I’m a big football fan. I always have been. And I’ve always been fascinated by the world that surrounds the top flight players – that world of excess, money and glamour. I was also a HUGE fan of ‘Footballers Wives’ when it was on TV. I loved that show! But, surely, that glamorous, glitzy world they all live in, it can’t be THAT perfect, can it? After reading a book called ‘I Am The Secret Footballer’ I realised it wasn’t. Written by a real-life Premiership footballer, it gives readers an insight into his life as a top-flight player, both on and off the pitch – the good bits, and the bad. It was certainly an eye opener, and proved to be an invaluable research tool for me as I created the character of fictional bad boy footballer Ryan Fisher. Nothing I wrote in any of the ‘Striker’ books is too far fetched, believe me. Because, as far as these players are concerned, anything goes. But money can’t always buy you everything, as Ryan soon finds out…

As a reader, what can we expect from ‘Extra Time’?

Michelle was recently featured in The Sunday Sun. Click here to view more

Michelle was recently featured in The Sunday Sun. Click here to view the interview with Ian Robson on

Well, as the story continues here in book 2, the reader can expect a few more secrets to come to light, a lot more scandal, and a great deal more action off the pitch that’s guaranteed to get the heart racing! These books definitely aren’t ones you’d give to your granny, that’s for sure! I even nicknamed them “Fifty Shades of Football” because they can get a little bit hot in parts! You have been warned…

You like to do a lot of … ahem … research into characters for your stories. Who was your inspiration for Ryan Fisher?

I certainly DO like my research! But actually, Ryan Fisher wasn’t really inspired by any one particular individual. I kind of looked at professional Premiership footballers on the whole, and mixed it all up a bit. So Ryan has a little bit of everything going on, really. Yes, he’s a bad boy, but there’s also another side to him that really starts to come out more in books 2 and 3.

Which football team do you support?

Tricky one this. I used to be a season ticket holder at Newcastle United back in my teenage years, but after marrying a Sunderland supporter I hate to admit that my loyalty is shifting somewhat. And I know that, coming from a Geordie, that could almost be considered treason to even just think that. But it’s really hard to live with a Sunderland fan and NOT get sucked into the drama that team can sometimes create! Am I a full-blown Sunderland fan, though? I’m getting there…

I know you can’t give too much away, but what can we expect from the third book in the trilogy?

It’s quite difficult to say a lot without giving too much away, but, let’s just say there is some kind of conclusion to the trilogy in book 3. But not before yet more drama ensues, and another character gets to show us a side of him that we may not have seen before. It was a really emotional experience for me, writing that final book, because I’d grown so close to the characters in the Striker Series. And it was hard to let them go. But, again, without giving too much away, it may not be the last we see of them…

Thank you for being here today Michelle.

~Where to find Michelle Betham~





Extra Time Cover

Click here for your copy from Amazon!

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It’s kick off time for Michelle Betham’s Striker


I am delighted and honest to host Romance Author and fellow North Easterner, Michelle Betham, as she releases her seventh novel Striker.


Author Bio

Michelle Betham is a born and bred Geordie, and proud of it! An ex-Media Technician, she now lives in County Durham with her extremely AuthorPicpatient husband and their gorgeous West Highland Terrier, Archie.

Michelle is the author of seven novels ranging from the edgy and sexy contemporary romances ‘No Matter What’, ‘Illusions of Love’ and ‘See You At The Show’ to light-hearted romantic comedies ‘Too Much Trouble in Paradise’ and the bestselling ‘Bon Voyage’, which hit #53 in the Kindle Top 100 in May 2012. She’s also written a Christmas novella – ‘Christmas Without Icing’.

A fan of rock music, a decent TV drama, and most movies starring Keanu Reeves, her biggest ambition is to write a northern sitcom – preferably with Peter Kay, and preferably about darts!

So Michelle tell us all about your new novel Striker…

‘Striker’ is my seventh novel, and one I absolutely adored writing. But what led me to write a book set in the world of professional football?

Well, I’m actually a bit of a closet football fan. Back in the 1980s I could be found inside St. James’ Park clutching a burger in one hand and a match-day programme in the other, because I was a season ticket holder at Newcastle United for a number of years. Oh yes, I thought nothing of sitting there in the freezing cold in the middle of December, with the wind and the rain whipping across my face as I watched twenty-two men kicking a ball round a field. I loved it! I was also a huge fan of ‘Footballers Wives’ – anyone remember that? Fun, fabulous, frothy TV drama at its best! So, I suppose my love of football, and my fascination with the life behind the sport led me to write ‘Striker’. Although, it’s not quite as frothy as ‘Footballers Wives’!

I also recently read a book called ‘I Am The Secret Footballer’ written by an anonymous Premiership footballer who gives us quite an insight behind the scenes of top-flight football. It was an incredibly interesting read, and it made me realise that sometimes the things you hear about footballers, well, they’re not quite as far-fetched as you may think. It gave me a lot to think about when I was deciding how far to push the character of Geordie bad-boy footballer, Ryan Fisher. And I pushed him quite far!

‘Striker’ is very definitely a hard-edged romance – it isn’t sweet, and it isn’t pretty. I’ve actually dubbed it “Fifty Shades of Football”, but make of that what you will. However, if you like your romance more Jackie Collins than Jane Austen, then this might just be up your street! I guess I just love creating sexy escapism, and I hope that’s what I’ve done with ‘Striker’ – a story of fame, power, secrets, and sex! Because, sometimes, the beautiful game isn’t always so pretty…


???????????????????????????????????????? Ryan Fisher is young, talented, and very, very sexy; a professional footballer with the world at his feet he’s returning to his native North East England after more than a decade away in a multi-million-pound transfer deal to Newcastle Red Star, a big-name local club. He’s got it all – looks, fame, money; women falling at his feet, and a lifestyle he’s in no hurry to give up. But is his return back to the north of England as clear-cut as it seems?

Amber Sullivan is a beautiful, feisty Sports Editor for a local North East news programme. With an ex-professional footballer for a father she’s grown up around the sport, but the one thing she’s sworn off is relationships with men who play the game. For a reason. As far as Amber’s concerned, work comes first. Until she meets Ryan Fisher…

Jim Allen is a handsome, charismatic, extremely successful, American-born football manager. He’s been poached from a top London club to join Newcastle Red Star in a bid to give them the success that’s eluded them for so long, but is the league title the only thing Jim’s out to win?

A story of fame, power, secrets and sex, ‘Striker’ is a hard-edged romance with a kick. Because, sometimes, the beautiful game isn’t always so pretty…

Grab your copy of Striker here.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up… An Author Interview with Michelle Betham

Cuppa and a Catch up pic


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing fellow North Easterner Michelle Betham. Her novel ‘No Matter What’ is FREE to download from amazon from Tues 2nd Oct until Thurs 4th Oct. Get your copy HERE. Now put that kettle on, grab that brew and put your feet up….

Michelle’s Bio

Michelle Betham is a north-east-born indie author of mainly sexy and edgy – but occasionally humourous – romance. After studying Performing Arts at college she spent many years working as a Media Technician at the University of Sunderland before moving to the Canarian island of Tenerife, where she lived for a couple of years.
She’s now based in County Durham where she lives with her husband and West Highland Terrier and spends most days at her desk making up stories and drinking tea. She loves rock music and medical dramas, has a strange obsession with darts, and a twenty year crush on Keanu Reeves. She reads anything from horror to humour, loves watching movies, can’t live without chocolate, and her biggest wish in life is to visit Las Vegas.  One day…  Oh, and she’s also extremely proud to be a Geordie!

Now get settled to meet the lovely Michelle

Hi Michelle and welcome today, thanks for stopping by.

First of all, congratulations on self-publishing another book this summer, Bon Voyage. What inspired you to write this book?

I love cruise holidays, and I’d always wanted to write a comedy romance set aboard a cruise ship, so I suppose it was my love of cruises that inspired me to write Bon Voyage.  I wanted to write a fun story based around some of the fantastic places we’ve visited on our own cruise holidays, and some of the weird and wonderful people we met!

Oh, and I suppose my love of Take That inspired me just a little bit too.  They were fantastic inspiration for the fictional boy band in the book!

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

I’ve always wanted to write. Right from a very early age it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. I’ve always had a very vivid imagination so making up stories came easy to me, but it took a long time for me to pluck up the courage – and find the time – to put those stories down on paper. I think my 40th birthday was the turning point for me, though. That was when I thought, it’s now or never! That was when I knew it was finally time for me to pursue my dream.

You have also self-published ‘Too much Trouble In Paradise’, ‘See you at the Show’ ‘No Matter What’ and ‘Illusions of Love’. Which of these books was the most challenging to write?

Probably ‘Illusions of Love’, mainly because it was a sequel to ‘No Matter What’, which was my debut novel and a book I suppose I will always hold very dear to my heart. I love the characters in that book because they were the first characters I ever created, and I guess they’ve become very special to me. So I didn’t want to let them down in ‘Illusions of Love’.

How do you organise your writing time?

I only write during the day. I usually start first thing in the morning, take a break for lunch and to walk the dog, and then continue on in the afternoon until about 5pm. I usually spend the mornings catching up with emails/Tweets/Facebook or writing blog posts, then the afternoons are almost always spent working on my latest Work in Progress.  I seem to write much better in the afternoons, for some reason!

I never usually write at weekends, although I find it very hard to switch off completely. I’ve always got a notebook and pen at hand wherever I go!

Which Authors have influenced your writing?

I’m a huge fan of Jackie Collins, so I’d say she’s definitely influenced me!  I love that kind of sexy escapism she writes, and the larger-than-life characters she creates. I also love Jilly Cooper, so I suppose they’re my two biggest influences. I like to create my own style of sexy escapism, and I hope I’m succeeding!
Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I’ve turned our spare bedroom into a little office space for myself, and it’s in a corner of this room with my laptop and my iPod that all the ideas start flowing.  It’s my own “creative corner”!

 Do you have any wise words of advice to pass onto aspiring authors in relation to Self Publishing?

My first piece of advice would be, if you really want to write that book, then do it!  But be patient.  Nothing happens overnight – in fact, it’s taken me over a year to really see any kind of significant sales, but, if you’re willing to put the work in it can happen.  But be prepared to work hard.  Don’t forget, you have to do all your own marketing, as well as writing the books.  I don’t think I realised just how much work was involved when I first started out on this journey!

Another thing is to make sure you know the audience your books are aimed at, and then try and look for ways to find that audience before the book is published.  Stir up interest, set up a blog to post snippets and information about your books; it just might just get you a whole lot of people ready and waiting to buy your book once it’s out there for the world to see.

But, I think one of the most important things I’ve learned over the past year or so, is to write what you feel comfortable writing – not what you think people want to read. Don’t compromise your own style of writing.  The people who want to read your books will find you – eventually!  

 Finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

Ooh, now, let me see… Well, it’s not all that interesting, but not many people might know that I’m actually half Greek.  My husband says that’s why I seem to have an affinity with smashing plates but I think that’s got more to do with the fact I’m clumsy, rather than my Greek heritage!

 Thanks again for your time today Michelle, I have really enjoyed having you here.

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Too Much Trouble In Paradise – Michelle Betham


All snug in bed this morning listening to that awful howling wind outside, I escaped to sunnier climates as I finished the last couple of chapters of Michelle Betham’s Too Much Trouble in Paradise.

This story follows Molly and her turbulent journey battling with her head and her heart; mixing scenes from not only Tenerife but also the North East of England which, as a fellow Geordie, I found endearing.

It is a wonderful light read, begging to be read from a sunlounger; however it is a lovely little night-time read before bed – although the cliff hanger chapters have you rebelling way past your bedtime.



You can view her blog here – Michelle Betham Romance Author – following her journey on the character’s and scenarios she creates for her future novels.

Follow her on Twitter @michellebetham

A delight to stock up your Kindle with, especially for your summer read, available here on Amazon for £1.33.

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The Versatile Blogger Award


Good Afternoon all!

Whilst getting ready for a ten hour shift at work and seeing the gloomy rain and wind outside the window (that I have to venture out into in order to get to said job) I was thrilled when I received that oh-so-familiar ping! of the mobile phone indicating an exciting new email!

On investigating further, I was overjoyed to see that I had been nominated by the lovely amummysview (fab blog sharing her experiences/advice/products/classes – you name it!) for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Look what I got:

So a huge big ‘Thank You’ soooo much to amummysview!

Now here are the conditions of the award:

1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to other newly discovered blogs
Here are my seven things:
1.) I was a runner up twice in the ‘Press Packers’ competition, when I was about 12 years old, following articles I had written and submitted to their comp. As a part of this, I had to audition in the Blue Peter Garden and also in The News Round Studios as a reporter. Unfortunately, I did not win but enjoyed my trip to the BBC studios and having a stint in front of the cameras! (And also to see the Blue Peter Garden)
2.) I wrote and self published my first children’s book ‘The Ruby of Egypt’ last year and it is such an amazing feeling to see your words in print and it’s a bonus when other people enjoy your work.
3.) I work shifts and I must be a night owl as I love night shift! More down time to read I suppose 🙂
4.) I am going to be an Auntie in October and I can not WAIT! I have no children of my own and I will definitely be taking tips from amummysview blog
5.) I love jazz music, I could quite happily sit in a jazz café all day and sip champers (however there is work to be done!)
6.) Has a fear of flying yet I insist on watching Air Crash Investigation in a bid to tease myself and also understand why crashes happen (?!)
7.) I love reading! I’m addicted to it, I get bored easily and always have to have a book/My Beloved Kindle nearby to fend off boredom.
Enough about me…over to you! I nominate:
Love Missuswolf xxx