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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Stacy Eaton, who has just released her fourth novel Garda ~ Welcome to the Realm.


ImageStacy Eaton is a police officer by profession. Currently, she is working as the department investigator and enjoys digging into cases and putting the pieces of the puzzles together.

Stacy resides in southeastern Pennsylvania and is the wife to a police officer and the mother of two. She is very proud of her son who is currently serving in the United States Navy and equally proud of her nine year old daughter who works hard in her Tae Kwon Do studies.

When Stacy is not working her demanding job, or spending time with her family, she works on her business and volunteers with the World Literary Café. When there is time, she writes.

Stacy is currently working on book 3 of the International Best Selling “My Blood Runs Blue” Series (release anticipated late 2013). She is also working on a second Domestic Violence Novel, You’re Not Alone. She also has plans to add a second book to her newest series, Garda, along with publishing a contemporary romance later this year.


“He is my destiny.”

There is a place that lies between heaven and Earth, it is called The Realm. Within this place, the Guards of Peace, known asgarda-ebook Garda Síochána, learn to guide and protect the ones that live below until they are called home.

Officer Corey Hamilton is dedicated to being the best that she can be, in uniform and out. Her loving nature, compassionate thoughts, and warrior strength make her the perfect candidate to join the Garda Síochána and spend her eternity protecting and guiding others.

Just before Corey dies in a line-of-duty accident, she meets Officer Mitchell O’Reilly. Her feelings for him may change her destiny, but not for the better, as she falls in love with this married man. Brock, Corey’s personal Garda, will bring her home to The Realm and attempt to train her for her future, even while she still fights for her past.

Will Brock be able to direct Corey down the right path, or will she cross the line and fall from grace?

Join Corey, Mitchell, and Brock for an emotional and heart-pounding adventure that is sure to make you wonder if angels are really guiding us in our everyday lives.


So get snug and cosy as we meet the lovely Stacy Eaton…

Cuppa and fireHi Stacy and welcome! It’s great to have you here and congratulations on the release of Garda. I am honoured to be a part of your blog tour.

Thank you Gemma!! I’m so excited about this latest release and to be here today with you and your readers!! You asked me to answer a few questions, so let’s get started with that!

Where did the inspiration behind Garda come from?

Ah, the inspiration question… lol… The funny thing is that I can’t really remember what inspired this plotline. With my other books, I knew the answer immediately, with Garda, well the idea came to me and I just started rolling it around in my mind. Before I knew it, I had a plot and I sat down and started writing it!

 How would you compare writing this book with writing your previous books; My Blood Runs Blue Series and Whether I Live or Die?

Oh, this one was fun to write! Not that my others weren’t, but this one was different! The My Blood Runs Blue series isMy Blood runs blue book one suspenseful and a bit dark at times as the characters unravel a mysterious murder with the vampires. Whether I’ll Live or Die was very intense and extremely emotional to write because it deals with a very serious subject, Domestic Violence.

Writing Garda was cool. There is a major romance in this book and it deals with life, death and destiny. You might think you know where this book is going as you read it, but I guarantee the twists and turns in the book will take you on a wild ride and keep you guessing. I guess that is what made this book so fun to write!

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

I started writing in October of 2010. I was at work and something caught my attention late one night while I was on patrol. I was standing outside my patrol car stretching my legs and I saw eyes in the trees. They seemed way to high off the ground to be an animal, and it made me wonder what they were. The quiet night shift I was working gave way to my wild imagination as I drove the dark streets and when I came home – I sat down to write, My Blood Runs Blue.

Whether I live or dieOnce I started writing, the story lines just kept coming. I have four books published and another 8 plot lines to work on!

 How do you organize your writing time?

Wow, lol… there is no easy way to answer that. I might go a week or two without writing anything and then the voices in my head start slamming into my skull and I will sit down and spend an entire day writing. I might get 18K words written. Some days I might sit down and write a just a chapter.

My work schedule is nuts! Being an investigator keeps me busy and I am usually up between 4 and 4:30 each morning to get a few things done before I leave for work. I get there between 6:30 and 7 and get back home, if I’m lucky, by 5. Between 5 and 9, I get as much done as I can in between spending time with my daughter and husband. If I have time to write, I do it. But generally I leave the writing to the days that my husband is working and my daughter is with other family so I can dig deep and get lost.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

 Writing space or Creative space?  My writing space is my office. It is right in the center of the house, and people move past me constantly, but when I am writing I am so engrossed in what I am doing, I don’t notice anything.

 Now if we are talking creative space, well I do most of my dwelling and plotting while I am showering and getting dressed and when I am driving the 25 minutes back and forth to work. Those are the times that I allow my mind to just swirl around with the characters and the plots. I have come up with entire novels in those trips back and forth to work. I love those times.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know

Hmmm…. Let me think… Okay, here’s something. I have lived in 23 homes in my life and 9 states and I went to 13 schools before I graduated from high school. Might explain why I am such an outgoing person who isn’t afraid to make new friends.

Thank you for being here today Stacy.

Thank you Gemma!! It was a pleasure and I loved answer the questions!! I hope you readers enjoyed it too!

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Twitter: @StacySEaton

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Get your copy of Garda now!


Love Missuswolf xxx


Creative Writing Cafe: Term Three – Lesson Five Man and Machine


I was unable to make this weeks class but in true geek style I still completed my homework and submitted it (I love a bit of homework me!).

The theme was ‘Man and Machine’ – how we cope with technology/gadgets etc.

I must admit, I really struggled with this at first. We were given a bit more freedom in the style of how we could express this; script writing, poetry or just plain old prose.

Unusually, I opted for prose (I do like to get out of my comfort zone in writing but for some reason I stuck with prose).

Here is my homework attempt:

Man and Machine

Missuswolf Man and Machine Cars In TrafficWispy fog wrapped itself around Clara’s brand new bright pink Mini as she tapped away on her mobile phone. Stuck in traffic yet again en route to a painful job, she decided to broadcast her misery all over Facebook.

Ivan, a fellow disgruntled driver stuck alongside her, glanced across just making out Clara’s silhouette and the oh so familiar gadget in her hand. He rolled his eyes and tutted; the youth of today, hands permanently attached to mobile phones. If he had the energy he would summons up the motivation to contact the police on his hands free to report her, then considered otherwise; he would be just as bad as her using his phone.

The harassed mother in the car behind Clara was drumming her hand impatiently on the dashboard, as her blissfully unaware seven year old played away on his Nintendo DS. Mentally replaying her list of things to do over and over in her head and panicking that she would not have enough time to do this now the traffic had ground to a halt, she swooped her ipad out of her handbag and frantically started touching in notes.

Further down the road, Eric, an elderly male in a rusty robin reliant was at the front of the angry mob of drivers. The traffic light signals to the side and front of him fumed red, a colour that had blazed for more than thirty minutes now. He took off his glasses, peered through the windscreen again. Yep, despite the fog they were still red. He felt a sense of responsibility as the horns continued to honk behind him, despite this being no fault of his own.

Technology eh, he thought as he cast his mind back to the good old days when there were no traffic lights and fewer cars on the road. He then questioned were they really the good old days? Driving and having access to a car  was the one thing that kept him sane these days, allowing him to leave his poky flat and get out and about to enjoy his last few years.

A police car eventually pulled up. A burly Policeman and his slight female colleague got out and started setting up to direct traffic. Eric assumed someone must have rang them from their mobile, failing that it must have been flagged by someone monitoring one of the many cctv cameras that poked out of the buildings, spying on the streets.

A cyclist came zipping past his car, almost knocking his wing mirror off. As soon as the cyclist saw the commotion, he promptly changed his right from road user to pavement user, hopped up on to the path and continued to cycle onwards. Bloody cyclists, Eric fumed, they think they rule the road yet never abide by traffic lights, it’s like at that sudden moment they become a pedestrian. What infuriated him even more was that there were plenty of cycle paths in the town why did they have to use the road? He refused to admit it was fear that his eyesight was not what it used to be and he was in danger of one day colliding with one.

He squinted to the side of him, he could just make out through the fog a business man in a suit who was wasting no time and had set his laptop up, typing furiously away on it. The brazenness of the man astounded Eric with the police parked only yards away.

PC Aaron Shields rubbed his head as he bellowed down the radio at the controller, demanding an ETA for the Traffic Lights Engineer. He didn’t join the job to direct traffic, this wasn’t his role. He joined to catch criminals, murderers, not do a council job. He turned a blind eye at all the offences that were blatantly being committed in front of him by the bored and irritated road users. He was no jobs worth and he was not going to waste his day giving out penalty notices. Once this job was done and dusted, he was going to track down Billy Myers, who was wanted by Special Branch for infiltrating a government system. He knew he would be stepping on toes with the on-going covert investigation, but he had had a tip off that Billy was lying low at a nearby address and PC Shields arrest figures needed boosting.

The Police Officers took up their position and started directing traffic.

Back in the queue, the sound of engines coughing back into life and cars inching forward prompted the offending drivers to quickly discard their technology, particularly as they eased toward the blue flashing lights. Each driver peered curiously to see what the commotion had been about; had there been a horrendous car crash?

As the traffic started flowing, a black cab en route to the airport with an impatient passenger trundled by the Police Officers. The occupant caught a glimpse of the commotion and then quickly turned away, dabbing a bead of sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. He shook his head in frustration; Billy Myers couldn’t believe he was close to missing his getaway flight all because of some dumb traffic lights



I received some good feedback on this: ‘a good panoramic sweep of frustration and misery, based on all things that are supposed to make life better for us. While gadgets should make things like traffic jams easier to bear, they somehow don’t.’

An improvement that was suggested was  along the lines of the Billy Myers character – to have in a nasty, ironic way, to end the story with him being the only character to break the mould a little and be the only one not to get frustrated. For me to show that now things are moving again, he’s still in good time for his flight and getting one over on the oblivious police; the least deserving character being the one that experiences the most happiness. Mwahaha now I do like the sound of that……

It’s half term next week so no homework (am I rather sad admitting that I am gutted about this?!)

Love Missuswolf xxx

Creative Writing Cafe Term Two – Lesson Four: Three’s Up


This homework was much easier than last week’s Shakespeare modernisation, so much so that I had the below done within half an hour on a Friday night (wild!) This was so much fun; having to pick an object and take a reader through the stories of three character’s who have been involved with that object.

Straight away I was drawn to the gun (a psycho-analyst could have a field day on that one).

Missuswolf Geek Club Gun

I have to provide a one page summary of a longer piece of writing that involves these characters.

I thought I would share with you the ideas I have so far….

* Mrs Bertram, a distraught widow, is cleaning out her deceased husband’s property when she comes across a gun. Unsure what to do with it, she takes it to her local corrupt (unknown to her) pawn shop and sells it there. Mr Dayle, the owner, has always been good to Mrs Bertram (little did she know he was involved in sinister criminal activity with her husband hence the gun) he therefore is only too pleased to take the gun back off her.

* Taylor Morgan buys the gun from Mr Dayle at the pawn shop. He is chased by police officers shortly afterwards after an incident and throws the gun into a nearby bush whilst being chased. The police are unaware he ever had a gun and therefore don’t look for it

* Abigail Lynch is a seven year old out playing with her friends. Her older brother, Ross, who she idolizes, is also out with his mates but as he is older, he thinks he is too cool for his little sister and makes fun of her. Whilst playing with her friend, she finds the gun in a bush. She doesn’t think it is real and starts waving it around. She shouts at Ross, trying to look big and clever and impress him. She waves it around and points it at her brother, a shot is fired – seriously injuring him, leaving his life in the balance.

I debated killing the brother off, but then felt that it took away a bit of the reader interest so to speak, hooking them in with ‘will he/won’t he live’. The story could start with this accident and then re-tell of how it came to this – the reader finding out the fate of the accident at the end of the book.

It could narrate in the following ways:

  • By the little girl when she is older looking back
  • Through a Police Officer’s eyes doing the investigation, discovering along the way that they made an error with the incident with Taylor Morgan when Officers weren’t aware he had a gun. This could spark a serious investigation where Officers are suspended.
  • Through the ghost of Mr Bertram looking down on the journey of the gun

Love Missuswolf xx