The Quest To Find An Agent



When I first wrote this novel (currently titled Little Miss Pooshoe but that might be up for debate – but that’s another blog post), I fully intended to self publish it. That is still an option, however, I want to have a go at sending it off to literary agents first – just to test the waters and see what response I get (if any). Then, at least if I don’t get anywhere with them, I won’t be left wondering what if? and I can continue with my self publishing plans.

In order to pitch to literary agents, there are certain submission guidelines. One of them is what most writer’s dread – the synopsis: a brief summary of the major points of a story. This is harder to write than the novel itself, the difficulty is trying to summarise an 80,000 word novel on one page. Inevitably, I keep going over.

At this moment in time, I have drafted a synopsis and I am making contact with Jenny, my editor, later today to discuss her editing my synopsis as well. If I’m going to give this a shot I want it done properly.

Last week, I also spent a lot of time researching agents. I’d previously spoken with Jenny and former colleague, Kerry, and they both recommended using the Writer’s & Artist’s Yearbook 2013. I did this, cheating slightly as I actually have a copy that my mum gave me from the year 2000. I used a bit of initiative and worked through all the agency details and looked them up on the internet to see if they were still accepting submissions and, if so, what were their guidelines. Cue my obsession with spread sheets and I now have a list of thirty four contacts to work through.

As soon as my synopsis has been Jenny-proofed then I will start the submission process. You can follow my progress on this blog and see how I get on.

Have a fab day folks.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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Good Morning All!

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Love Missuswolf xxx