A. Vogel Bedtime Story Competition


A.Vogel have a competition to write a short bedtime story between 1500 and 3000 words.

I have been working on this the last couple of months. This was the one where I wrote a thousand words in a very creative half hour on a very ‘wild’ Friday night.

I have been tweaking it the last couple of weeks and I am very surprised at the direction those first thousand words have led me in; to a conclusion of a short story consisting of 2995 words that I am bit wary whether it meets the criteria of being ‘suitable’ for a bedtime story.

Unfortunately, I can’t share Good Deed Gone Bad with my Littlewolves until the competition has finished. The closing date is 28th October with winners to be announced early 2012. A nice little incentive for writing follows below:



The Prizes are:

1st = £500

2nd = £300

3rd = £100 (2 prizes)

It would be lovely to win however I certainly enjoyed writing the story and again, needed a deadline to write for.

This has been emailed off today….

Love Missuswolf xx


Best! – Short Story Competition



The time has come! I managed to tweak the final version during a quiet spell on night shift last night. I juggled with the 1000 word limit, going over at first, then under, then at one point I hit spot on 1000. I think the final version was 998 and it is this copy that I have wrapped into an envelope; along with my four tokens that I have had to collect aswell as the entry form, and is now whizzing along to the Best! Magazine Offices.

The closing date is the 4th October and then the winner will be announced in November. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to share the story with my Littlewolves, I am unable to until the competition has finished so you will just have to wait a few weeks to read ‘Breaking The Rules’.

Love Missuswolf xx