As one Chapter closes on my life, so another opens …


Today, I said farewell (again!) to working in a busy emergency services control room, which has been my ‘day’ job (the role has involved working to a shift pattern) for the past three years.

I was redeployed into this role in May 2011 following deletion of a Project and Performance job that I adored. This meant adapting to a new lifestyle so, to stop myself going stir crazy, I launched myself into the wonderful world of books. I read on every break, during down time on nightshift and on all of my days off. Agents

Books became my comfort blanket.

In August 2011, four months into the job, I went for a lovely lunch with my American friend, Charity. Over fizz and food in Bar Luga, we discussed our shared interests; reading, writing and photography.


Picture from Facebook by Eric Fritschi

It was Charity who suggested that I set up a blog and pointed me in the direction of WordPress. After sitting on this suggestion for a few days, I finally took the plunge.

Missuswolf’s StoryLand was born.

It’s strange how some people come into your life and have a profound effect. Charity lives on the other side of the world and I see her once a year if I’m lucky. That date back in August 2011 was definitely one of those clichéd life-changers.

So here I am, nearly three years later, a happy blogger.

Editing2Alas, the frustration and anger from being redeployed wasn’t wasted; I took that pent up negativity and set up my Novel Project 2012. In January and February 2012, I wrote my recession based chick-lit novel, which is still in the heavy editing stages and undergoing a title change.

September 2011 saw me join Melissa Foster’s Awesome Support Team, where I’ve met a solid support network of like-minded people from across the globe.

In December 2011, I polished off a children’s story that I had written the previous summer and self published it.

Ruby of Egypt Cover 2013

The Ruby of Egypt was born.

I introduced a weekly Author Interview feature on my blog ‘Cuppa and a Catch-Up’.

Cuppa and a Catch up pic

In March 2014, I set up self-employed as freelance writer and I’m now ghost-writing a historic novel.

Freelance Bus Cards

As I look back on the last three years, as tough as they have been, it’s only fuelled my determination to do what I love.

And perseverance certainly pays off.

Tonight, one chapter closes on a section of my life. It’s been a tough one, but one I will no doubt look back on in my later years with a fondness. It’s been a character building chapter.

Tomorrow, I wake up to a whole new chapter. A Project Manager job that I have always wanted and back in the ‘real world’, a Monday to Friday nine-til-fiver. Oh, and my first drinks evening networking for Engage Magazine. Another positive to come out of the last three years.

As I close one chapter tonight, I will sleep well knowing that although the road was rocky, I never gave up – that I found my inner strength and determination to lead me to this cliff-hanger where I’m desperate to turn the page …

Good night readers.

Love a very happy Missuswolf xxx







The Ruby of Egypt – Kindle Promotion


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fab weekend and the start of the week is being kind to you.

My weekend was great, despite the fact that I was working this couldn’t dampen my spirits as I spent some quality time with lovely friends and their family, as well as being delighted to discover that, on Sunday, I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter woohoo!

As a little thank you I am pleased to announce that any of you Kindle Lovers out there will be available to download my book The Ruby of Egypt for FREE from Amazon from Wednesday 18th April for one day only! (this will be from Pacific Standard Time which i thinks is 8 hours behind us so it should be avail from 8am on the 18th until 8am on the 19th – however I may be wrong – this Pacific Standard and GMT Time malarkey is not my strong point!)

So hop on over to Amazon on Wednesday 18th April to get your free copy and Happy Reading 🙂 xxx

Thanks again

Love Missuswolf xxx

Sunday Smiles – Free Prize Draw

SUNDAY 18th MARCH 2012


Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mummies out there, you are all wonderful women doing an inspiring role and bring so much love and joy, espesh my lovely mum.


To bring a Sunday Smile to someone’s face, today I have drawn at random from the list of my Facebook ‘Likers’ a winner to receive a free copy of my book.

Congratulations go out to : John Hodgson!

Well done and a copy of my book will be winging its by Mr Postie to you tomorrow!

Love Missuswolf xxx

Guest Post: Sarah Phinn – FUN!

Good Evening All!
As the saying goes; A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month!
What better way to celebrate the first of February (another day closer to those glorious spring and summer days ahead, a time of year when the worst month is over and there is gradually light at the end of this dull winter tunnel) than to feature a new slot on my blog with a guest speaker and their ‘Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom.’
The piece is by a lady called Sarah Phinn, who I follow on Twitter (you too can follow her @sarah_phinn) whose motto is ‘Love life, live life.’ 

She has kindly agreed to share her piece of writing and thoughts on the word ‘FUN!’

Get settled with a nice cuppa and be prepared for some thought provoking reading…
Love Missuswolf xxx
An article by Sarah Phinn
Missuswolf Fun girl on a swing by the sea
Fun is not just the prerogative of the young – you are never too old to experience the joy it brings. Our lives today can be too structured and serious, we need to relax and listen to our inner child. Do you ever wake up in the morning and say, “What can I do today that is fun?” or do you start planning chores or work related jobs? I suspect it’s the latter. We always seem to find things that are more important to do, rather than following that fun impulse.
Dr Stuart Brown, psychiatrist, researcher and founder of The National Institute For Play, points out ‘the opposite of play is not work, it’s depression’.  So, for our own sakes, we should insist on more fun in our lives. The ability to play – to truly lose ourselves engaging in an activity that is enjoyable – is crucial to our emotional and physical wellbeing. As a child, we had curiosity and playfulness, enjoying the benefits of creative play. ‘It’s almost like a physiological function that can help us live longer, feel happier, more optimistic and immersed in the world, in our own personal and social relationships,’ says Dr Stuart Brown.
The older we become, we do still have that need to escape reality, and maybe fun comes in different guises. Technology provides us with smartphones and iPads etc. which we use as much for their games as for ‘more important stuff’. What is fun to some is not to others, whether we love to dance in the living room, go sky-diving or just go out to get drunk, whatever we ‘play’, we need to ensure we do it because it pleases us and it is not enforced fun.
Routine can lock us into a life without fun, fear of embarrassment can also be a key. We’ve somehow learned to ration fun – limiting it to nights out or at the weekend. Every day of your life should be fun. We are on this earth to be happy – life is too short to care what other people think!
When was the last time you did something just because it was fun? Please share your fun experiences
Sarah Phinn
Image from Unsplash