Book A Day Challenge UK: Day 19 – Still Can’t Stop Talking About It – The Hunger Games


Today’s #BookADayUK is one that I still can’t stop talking about.

The Hunger Games.

Image from Amazon, click here to get your copy ...

Image from Amazon, click here to get your copy …

I told you it would feature again. I’m not even sorry.

Recommended to me back in February 2012 by my lovely friend Andy Wright (who kindly let me borrow the book) I inhaled the whole story in a couple of days. You can even catch the urgent blog post I so desperately needed to write the morning after here.

Image from Amazon - click to grab your copy

Image from Amazon – click to grab your copy

The story has remnants of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ – which I read in August 2011 (catch my post here). Again, another Andy Wright read.

Both stories are tales of ‘What if’s?’

What if you don’t read these books?

I’ll tell you my fellow book lover – you are truly missing out.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Book A Day Challenge UK: Day 11 – Secondhand Bookshop Gem


Today’s #BookADayUK is a book that is a secondhand bookshop gem:

Stephen King’s Four Past Midnight.

Four past midnight

I bought this from Barter Books in Alnwick last May. It was my first trip to the quaint little Northumberland bookshop; a haven of log fires amidst the shelves of pre-owned books longing for their stories to be read again.

I selected Four Past Midnight as it was on my ‘To read’ list.

There’s a back story to it.

I recall a conversation with an ex-work colleague about something (the topic of which escapes me now) and the result was a recommendation to read this book,in particular The Langoliers story.

This now makes me think the topic may have something to do with air travel. 

The work colleague I refer to was Kerry Ann Richardson – who is also a Crime Writer. Catch her blog here.

Love Missuswolf xxx

My New Writing Bible – Stephen King ‘On Writing’

FRIDAY 11th MAY 2012

I find myself ordering bits and pieces during the wee small and quiet hours on a night-shift; randomly this time it has been some silver wall hanging hooks, an iPod Transmitter Car Charger and most relevant of all; Stephen King’s On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft.

I first heard about this book when I attended a Creative Writing Class last year, where it seemed to be the main condiment that complimented our conversations; a highly recommended writers tool.

Since then, it has lulled in the back of my mind that it is something that I need to purchase.

However, I could not buy this in the Kindle Format.

Oh no.

Because I am a girl who LOVES tabbing and sticking labels on relevant pages, making notes, penciling in comments, referencing items. My true inner geek shines through with something like this.

Which would be wasted on a Kindle (although I do still love you My Beloved Kindle.)

So this is one purchase that I am pleased I made in the murky midst of a night-shift.

I haven’t started reading this yet – a mixture of postponement to prolong the anticipation and the fear that once I start, I will simply not be able to stop.

I have read some reviews and they are all extremely positive, identifying this as a useful (and interesting) tool for writer’s – as well as a fantastic insight into Stephen King himself.

I believe that I will find a lot of guidance, inspiration and answers hidden in this little treasure.

Love Missuswolf xxx


Novel Project 2012 – Miss Pooshoe


Good Evening everyone – deadline day is here!

After setting myself a New Years challenge to write a Novel by the end of Feb, I am  now pleased to say that the Novel is now complete! Well, the first draft is anyway. In the words of Stephen King – “When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.” 

This is so true of this Novel; I have only just completed my first draft and I found that I really was telling myself the story. It took some twists and turns in places even I wasn’t expecting and although I had a plan (well, ok a spreadsheet – yes I do love them and I have Chapter’s broken down) the story ended in a place I did not expect. It even ended earlier than I anticipated as I found that I had reached a natural conclusion.

Truth be told i did not hit my 80k target, I am some 992 words short, and that has been with adding little sub-stories in here and there that i have remembered (and by sub-stories I mean ridiculous things said and done by myself) therefore, this Novel has aptly been named ‘Miss Pooshoe.’

A bit of a random name yet it is relevant and I am hoping the title will intrigue readers and pull them in.

Although I originally set a target of 80k words, as this is an average word count to aim for by publishers, however I have learnt along this journey that word count isn’t everything.

View Mike Wells’ story regarding his novel ‘Wild Child’, which he was asked to add 15,000 extra words to by his first literary agent, because of some rules in relation to the cost of paper and cardboard boxes. He did this and after it was read by his readers, they had to admit that it ruined the story. This lead to him self publishing the book and its’ success is a story in itself; an inspirational one for any writer starting out – a moral that a word limit really isn’t everything and to perservere.

However, a word count is a nice target to set your sight on to motivate you, just don’t let it stop you from going with the natural flow of the story.

Stop if you feel it is going nowhere. Have a break and go back to it. It’s amazing what ideas you come up with in that break, especially if you take a drive out – you may be surprised what you come across in a half hour trip out in the car.)

So, after two months of trying to make time nearly every day (bar a few) to write; Miss Pooshoe has completed first draft stage.

But what now?

Well, she is getting entered into a competition for the end of March so I need to edit the first two Chapter’s first for this.

Depending on the competition outcome, if unsuccussful I will then send this off to Literary Agents to see if anyone would like to represent me and get this thing published.

If not, I will resort to Self Publishing.

So, for now, Miss Pooshoe is getting put to bed for a couple of weeks before I  do the editing – the part like Mr King says where you take out all the bits that aren’t the story. This will no doubt affect my word count and may see it plummet!

Oh well, a story is a story.

On to the next challenge….

Love Missuswolf xxx

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins



I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins  on the recommendation of a very good friend who kindly let meMissuswolf The Hunger Games book borrow their book. Like myself, he loves his books and his writing and I finally got round to reading The Stand by Stephen King last year – again which he let me borrow (and I still have ooops! I will return all these I promise Andy!)

Actually, this book reminds me ofThe Standin a way as it is all about the fight for survival.

The Hunger Games is set in the future in Panem; where there is a Capitol and twelve Districts. Each year, there is a reaping in which twelve boys and twelve girls aged 12-18 are chosen by a system of names in glass bowl that are drawn at random. They then have to compete in The Hunger Games – a fight to the death – as there can only be one winner.

The scene in which the draw takes place reminded me of a short piece of writing I studied in my Creative Writing Class last year – Shirley Jackson ‘The Lottery’.

I have had this book a few weeks just lying patiently by my bed, waiting for me to finish New Moon on my Kindle (which I still haven’t – 90% of the way there though.)

So, last night, I thought hummm…I will just read a couple of pages ofThe Hunger Gamesbefore I go to bed.

Three hours later and about 150 or so pages in I was still lying curled up at 1am this morning unable to put it down.

Even once I dragged myself away from it and made the painful decision to turn the bedside lamp off, I lay there thinking about it for most of the night, eventually drifting to sleep. In hindsight, I should have stayed up and devoured the whole novel

So, first thing this morning – pot of coffee on and snuggled on the settee, all plans of housework abolished as I settled in to read another hundred or so pages.

I eventually prised myself off the settee, had a shower and did some writing on my own novel (another 2,000 or so words on my Novel Project 2012 – reading really does help you write.) After that I went to the gym, but not before fitting in a few more pages.

I have then sat this evening and consumed every last word in this book, including the Author Interview at the end.

I had  to. There was no other choice; I so desperately wanted to know what happened.

The storyline itself is very thought-provoking and had a similar effect on me as to what The Stand did; although it is highly unlikely to happen – but what if?  Panem – The Capitol and the Districts have risen out of disasters that destroyed North America, not too dissimilar to what happens in The Stand. Things like this really dig deep with me and burrow in, that one day a disaster could strike and it is left to the survival of the fittest (which I fear I may not be one!)

It was these thoughts in that respect that kept me wide awake, as well as the suspense that is present from beginning to end; what is happening next? Where can this lead? How on earth is it going to end?

It is told from the perspective of Katniss Everdeen and you really do experience the turbulent turmoil of emotions she goes through. At times I felt my heart beating fast and I was on edge with suspense, my mind working overtime and what could possibly happen.

It’s not hard to see why this has been made a film, which is actually out on March 23 2012.

And this is only the first book in a trilogy!  I may need to cross out two days in my diary as ‘duvet days’ and dedicate them both to the next two!

As soon as I completed the book I fired up the laptop to record my thoughts on here – for anyone who will listen but more to remind me what I thought and felt about the story.

A must, must must read!

Love Missuswolf xxx

Novel Project 2012 – The story so far ….


This afternoon, I have spent a couple of hours catching up on my Novel Project 2012.

Since I began this project on the 1st January 2012, the only days that I haven’t been able to write anything due to commitments have been the 5th and 6th of February. You would think it would be a welcome break after writing every day for over a month.

Not at all, in fact if anything, I had withdrawal symptoms!

So this afternoon, I caught up and I am now at the 55,000 word mark. I am surprising myself all the time with the directions that the story is taking.

In true geek style, I also have a spreadsheet that details what events I want to write about (all comical mishaps that have happened to me) the scenes I want to set, the characters that are involved, what main themes I want to run and character profiles.

I also have a brief summary of each chapter; describing what characters are involved and where the scene is set. This has been a useful tool so that at a glance, I can see roughly what I have covered so far on the novel. It’s also fascimating to see the journey that its taking.

Some very inspirational wise words that are keeping me going – When you write, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story (Stephen King)

This is so true; I am just as excited as my fingers type across the keyboard and I surprise myself with what I write, enjoying telling myself the story and seeing where my typing takes me.

The plan is to tell myself the full story, then put it away for a few weeks before I do as Mr King says and go back over it to take out all the things that are not  the story.

Love Missuswolf xxx



Afternoon All!Missuswolf Kindle Listmania


I wanted to share with you my discovery of Listmania! on Amazon; a concept that allows you to search up to 25 books, copy and paste their ISBN/ASIN into a list and give each book a reference that is personal to you ie ‘Classic Book’ or ‘recommended by book club’ etc.

You also give your Listmania! a name; mine I have entitled ‘Books to Read’ as quite frankly, it is a list of books that I want to read.

I composed my Listmania! during a quiet spell on night shift and it is my list to work through to download to my Beloved Kindle.

I received some money for my birthday to put towards Kindle downloads and I have started (slowly but surely) building up my collection.

Please click here to view my Listmania!

I have started by downloading the first Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer, which i intend to read once I have finished reading one of the Classics, ‘Pride and Prejudice.

Also, you will see from the picture that I have decided to dress My Beloved Kindle in a lovely Kindle Cover courtesy of lilmo30 on ebay. Check their products out here.

My intention is to work through this List this year – as you can see, there certainly is a variety on there; Stephen King and Rosamund Lupton   to name but a few.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Creative Writing Cafe: Term Two – Lesson 1



Missuswolf Creative Writing Cafe Typewriter


Term two of the Creative Writing Class kicked off today with a bigger class size than last term, with new classmates, which adds a different and more exciting dynamic to the discussions.

It begins with a bit of form filling; ensuring  we are educated in the usual housekeeping rituals of toilets/fire exits, putting our signatures to this so that in the event we happen to walk into a fire or wet ourselves, the onus is on us.

Once this was complete, we each had to introduce ourselves to the class, advising what we wanted out of the class, what we are currently reading and,if anything, what we are currently writing.

Normally, I hate this scenario. My heart pounds and my hands perspire.

However, this term I seem to have found a bit of inner confidence and, out of character for me, couldn’t wait for my turn to tell all.

I think this new-found confidence is the fact that since Term One ended in July, I have managed to read five books, all by different authors, all completely different categories and, best of all, I have read a Stephen King. As Stephen King was mentioned so heavily last term (and three times in the 45 minutes before my speech) I felt this was a significant development, proving that my attendance at this class had resulted in me changing my reading habits.

Plus, I would like to write a novel about women’s roles during the war and how their role in society changed when the men want off to war. I visited Eden Camp over the summer on, which had been recommended by a woman at this class, and I fed this back.


The second part of this class linked into our homework.

We looked at four eccentric characters; David Icke -sports commentator/goalkeeper for Hereford United,Susanna Kennedy – countess of Eglintoune,Herbert Spencer – Social Philosopher, John Alington – Farmer.

These are characters from across the Centuries who are eccentric in different ways. We read through some extracts on their behaviour and discussed this as a class, analysing them and working out what underlying triggers could have contributed to their behaviour.


* That an American Website exists called Duotrope’s digest – that accepts submissions of short stories

* To ensure I have a good opening line and paragraph as some readers won’t persist with a novel if the first chapter does not grab them

* That Stephen King’s philosophy is ‘read for four hours, write for four hours a day’.

* That a novel is about 100,000 words


* Rosie Thomas – Sun at Midnight

* Rosie Thomas – White

* Rosamund Lupton – Afterwards

* Ernest Hemingway – The snows of Kilimanjaro and other short stories


My homework, if I choose to accept it, is to create an Eccentric Fictional Character – whom I will write a story about the following week as Part 2 of this homework. Tasks are:

* To make notes about them

* Leave clues about why they have gone this way

* Keep in mind the story I could tell about them

I will keep you posted with what ideas I come up with and my final submission, as well as the feedback I receive once I read it out next week…..eeeek!

Wish me luck.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Image from Unsplash

Postcard Killers By James Patterson


As the remainder of the winds from Hurricane Katia continued to batter our flat, I settled down to read a few pages of my next James Patterson adventure.

Once again, I was sucked right into the storyline and ended up reading through over 100 pages (oopsies! considering I was back in on Early Shift the next day, this was not really in the plan to get carried away and have a late night).

I read an article on the internet yesterday that Stephen King was not a fan of the style in which James Patterson writes. In my opinion, they are both two completely different writers with different styles. I like the pace of James Patterson’s books, you are thrown in and swept along straight away into the storyline. I have only ever read one Stephen King novel (The Stand, featured in my previous ‘what i am currently reading’)to compare too; and that was a much slower paced book in comparison; chapters are longer, writing is smaller. But they both deserve and have earned their titles in their own rights.


I have been hooked today, on my first day back at work on an Early shift (blah!) cramming in as much reading time as I can on my breaks. No doubt it will be groundhog day again when I go to bed and can’t put the book down. The storyline is based around a couple who murder honeymooners in different countries in Europe. It is particularly intriguing how it tangles one of the journalists into it. I don’t want to give too much away but I am enjoying the storyline so far and making me bloodthirsty for more …


In the words of Gordon Ramsey…DONE!

This book has had me gripped over the past couple of days, I haven’t been able to put it down; breaks at work, quiet times at work, last thing at night/first thing when I wake up…and I was told by a colleague that this isn’t one of his best! So my God I am excited to read more of James Patterson as I did enjoy this.

The idea of the storyline is an interesting one, although a bit disturbing. I think it is a book that you could envisage being made it to a Thriller/Crime Movie as although the murder scenes are gruesome, the clever description enables you to conjure up a vivid image which I think would work in a film (Think CSI style murders).

On the whole,  a thoroughly enjoyable and all questions – well that I had anyway – were all answered towards the end of the book.

Love Missuswolf xx

The Stand by Stephen King

23rd August 2011

This is a compelling read!

Missuswolf Stephen King The Stand

I have never read wholesale nba jerseys Stephen King before, I had only previously watched his films. I picked of this book after my fellow classmates at my Creative Writing Class raved about what an excellent writer he is.
Admittedly, I had been naive and had tunnel vision when it came to reading, hence never picking up one of Mr Kings works of art before. My literature intake was limited to light reading of the chick-lit nature. And whilst there is absoloutly nothing wrong with reading these kind of novels (they still hold a firm place in my heart for a good piece of escapism) I am delighted that I decided to deviate from my usual choice.
I started this back in May and Information it took me a while to read (i wouldn’t consider myself a slow reader but there are a lot of pages and the writing was small – premio! no excuse of course – but a wee justification hehe) I finished reading this on the The plane on the way to world! Mexico.
A must read – a thought provoking what if? What if the majority of the human race was High wiped out within weeks? Throughout this made we want to read on and on to find out what happens and I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are great and display a gripping way of cheap jerseys online how they cope, adapt and power Качественная forward cheap nfl jerseys with all that is thrown at them.
I am pleased I have stepped across to the dark side!
Love Missuswolf xxx

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