My New Writing Bible – Stephen King ‘On Writing’

FRIDAY 11th MAY 2012

I find myself ordering bits and pieces during the wee small and quiet hours on a night-shift; randomly this time it has been some silver wall hanging hooks, an iPod Transmitter Car Charger and most relevant of all; Stephen King’s On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft.

I first heard about this book when I attended a Creative Writing Class last year, where it seemed to be the main condiment that complimented our conversations; a highly recommended writers tool.

Since then, it has lulled in the back of my mind that it is something that I need to purchase.

However, I could not buy this in the Kindle Format.

Oh no.

Because I am a girl who LOVES tabbing and sticking labels on relevant pages, making notes, penciling in comments, referencing items. My true inner geek shines through with something like this.

Which would be wasted on a Kindle (although I do still love you My Beloved Kindle.)

So this is one purchase that I am pleased I made in the murky midst of a night-shift.

I haven’t started reading this yet – a mixture of postponement to prolong the anticipation and the fear that once I start, I will simply not be able to stop.

I have read some reviews and they are all extremely positive, identifying this as a useful (and interesting) tool for writer’s – as well as a fantastic insight into Stephen King himself.

I believe that I will find a lot of guidance, inspiration and answers hidden in this little treasure.

Love Missuswolf xxx


The A-Z of Me


I have been tagged  by the lovely author of the blog  Amummysview (a beautiful blog sharing not only useful information for mummys – but also sharing wonderful experiences that the author has with her daughter) and challenged to do an A-Z of Me.

After musing over this as I fell asleep last night,(ha that doesn’t quite make me sound exciting does it?) I found the answers came to me in between jobs at work today.

Missuswolf happy girl jump in air

Here goes:

A – AUTHORThis is what I aspire to be

B – BOOKS (you may have a slight incline) that I LOVE Books

C – CREATIVE WRITING I love to write and read others work. I attended two terms of an evening class of it last year and loved it.

D – DANCING Be it around the dancefloor or bopping around my living room, I love a good disco dance

E – EATING Oh dear – yes, I love my grub!

F – FAMILY & FRIENDS  I Wouldn’t be the person I was today if it wasn’t for them, they are my support network and I love them

G – GOLF WIDOW What I become mostly in the summertime – however it means I can  spend more time on my blog/reading/writing without feeling guilty of Husband Neglect

H – HUNGER GAMES As if there would be anything else at this moment in time (OBSESSED)!

I – INDECISIVE a huge fault of mine that I am very indecisive – I answer a question with a question doh!

J – JOB am so lucky to have one in this current climate despite having the odd moan I have accepted my position and I more than appreciate it now

K – KINDLE Who could forget My Beloved Kindle??!

L – LAPTOP Can’t live without it. May as well be merged with my lap and become a part of me

M – MOVE Would love to move one day, when the time is right, from The Little Flat to my Dream House

N – NIECE OR NEPHEW who is coming along in October making me a very happy Auntie!

O – OPTIMISTIC The attitude I have adopted and wear every day

P – PIZZAS – Yes, I am a Mahoosive Pizza Lover. I am partial to Asda‘s Create your own ummmm

Q – QUEST I am on one of these to become a writer

R – READING Love it – need I say more?

S – SUMMER  Longer days, warmer evenings, bbqs, walks on the beach – just that general happy, energizing, carefree spirit that it brings

T – THANKFUL for my life, my family, my friends, the lucky position that I am in in my life, working a good job and having time to indulge in my writing fantasy world.

U – UMBRELLA Always seem to be the one who forgets mine and ends up soaked!

V – VEGAS my future Home. Only kidding – just love the place. Went as part of my honeymoon, went again with the in-laws and will be going back for the hubby’s 30th.

W – WRITING Self explanatory really, I love to write (I initially wrote Wine in my scribbly notes at work and it just dawned on me as I typed that there was a more pressing ‘W’ I should be placing here ooops! But yeah, I like wine. In small doses, it falls out with my head otherwise)

X -XMAS I love it! Decorating the tree, spending the whole of December celebrating and getting excited, getting all snug and cosy.

Y – YEARN I yearn to work hard and one day be hugely successful in whatever I do, whatever path life ends up taking me down, but mostly I yearn to write and it’s a bonus if others enjoy it too

Z – ZEN A tranquil place I will eventually reach once I have achieved my #writing goal.

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Love Missuswolf xxx