Ruby of Egypt – Cover Reveal

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose head was in the clouds while her nose was in books.


While others baked and crafted, or played hockey and netball, she wistfully made up stories in her head as she went about her day, and later jotted them down in notebooks on a night time.

Not much has changed.

That little girl, born in Nottingham but raised in Northumberland, left school at sixteen, spent most of her life working in the public sector; daydreaming her way through workdays and emersing herself in a land of literature on a night  .

Married to someone who brings out the sense of humour in life, reminding her not to be too serious at times, she now has a little girl of her own.

Her very own little bookworm.

Ruby of Egypt was written back in 2011, during a time when she worked shifts and spent long periods of time home alone.

A far cry from the chaotic juggling act of these early parenthood years.

Albeit regretful that she didn’t pursue Literature in further education, if she’s learnt anything with age – it’s to do what you love.

What makes you feel happy and content.

And there’s nothing more that she likes doing than sitting listening to her ‘Writing’ Playlist while the words flow from brain to finger, to keyboard, to paper.

Her happy place.

Do what you love.

And you never have to work a day in your life.

So today, I’m delighted to share with you all the brand new cover artwork for my revised Children’s Book Ruby of Egypt.

Ruby of Egypt Front Cover Snippet.PNG

Designed by the awesome Amy Purdie from Whiteacresdesign (check out her amazing work and brand design here).

I’m unbelievably happy with the result and I cannot wait to get this out there.

And for those of you who voted in the previous blog post for the blurb, I can now reveal the winning version.

With 54.55% of the vote, version two was chosen:

Ruby Back Cover Snippet

I received the proof copy of the book on Thursday and this weekend has been spent proofreading and finalising the format.

I’m in the process of planning the official launch day and I still have to format the E-book as well as work on the marketing plan.

I know it’s a lot to take on with a toddler and working full time but this is what I want to do and hopefully this crazy stage of my life will pay off someday 🙂

Watch this space and thank you for your support so far.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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