World Book Day 2018

Well hello World Book Day.

Although Ella was at nursery for last years, I think I either forgot (bad mam!) or it slipped us all by.

I’m going with the latter. To preserve my parent pride.

Why oh why does World Book Day fill me with dread? I love books!

This year, however, there is no escaping (even despite the storm). There’s a note on the nursery door and I’ve discussed it with a fellow mam.

I just wish I was crafty. And had the time and energy to pour into making this perfect for Ella.

But my lack of craft and working full time already has the odds stacked against me.

And I’m trying in vain to be a more positive person.

There’s no such thing as time.

Time is what you make it.

All quotes from The Secret audible book, a book I listen to every day at the moment to keep some mental stability in my utterly chaotic life.


So this year I’ve panic procured¬† a store bought costume.

Little Bo Peep.

My reasoning is that she loves books about animals. She plays the Orchard game of matching the animals up (and she’s bliddy clever at it too).

This allures from the fact that mammy ran rings around the Character Costume display in Asda and this was one of the only 2-3 years left.

It was a Saturday night – which subsequently meant the rails had already been ransacked during the day.

But I hate to miss an opportunity – especially one where I’m alone in retail premises with potential costumes presented to me.

My current state of mind would have me leave it until the very last minute.

So I grabbed Bo Peep (which I’m glad I did as Storm Emma and The Beast From The East has hindered any other shopping opportunities).

I’d originally had Belle’s costume from Beauty in the Beast in my basket. But after an internal debate in the chocolate aisle, I marched back and swapped it.

Bo Peep and her sheep may be less common than Belle and surely more Book-worthy??

It was only once I’d paid for the costume that I realised Ella does actually have the Beauty and the Beast story. It’s in one of her Usborne Xmas advent calendar books.

I’m not so sure we have Bo Peep in literature format in our abode.


Never mind. Time will tell and if anything she has another costume to prance around the house in.

However, she’s probably going to endure ut twice over.

The nursery was still open today and I was one of those parents who was like ‘ive bought it now – you’re wearing it!’

And even though she changes nurseries next week, the new nursery might be of the same opinion as the old: postponing it until next week so everyone can make it.

I’m going to start planning next year’s World Book Day now.

All ideas (and crafter’s) welcome.

Love Missuswolf xxx



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