All The Eighteen Month Olds

As I was doing my usual Sunday morning scroll through Insta – a plate of toast half balanced on my lap while Mr Tumble entertains the Little Lady – I came across Chrissy Teigan’s adorable video of her daughter Luna.

Luna is a similar age to Ella and I love following Chrissy Teigan’s motherhood journey.

The video is Give Me All The Eighteen Month Olds and it’s Luna copying every word Chrissy says.

And it’s utterly adorable.

Chrissy starts by saying the words mammy and daddy and then goes through some other words, each one in turn Luna copies.

My heart melts.

As it’s very much Ella. Copying every word in her cute little interpretation. (Although Ella is actually nineteen months I’ve used a bit of poetic licence for this post.)

Like this week ‘Palpol’ (Calpol) has been added to her vocabulary after the recent bout of nursery germs.

Her most common phrase is ‘I’m stuck’ – which is thrown about when we are so blatantly trying to entrap her; the high chair, the car seat, her cot bed.

It’s actually her overused phrase; when she can’t be bothered to get off the sofa herself, when she’s trying to climb onto the dining room chairs – when I’m pottering in the kitchen and she’s clawing at my legs, desperate for a nosy at what I’m doing.

I’m in love with this phase and the inquisitive little sponge that follows me around.

To watch her grab her books and bring them to my knee (def a girl after my own heart).

To listen to her little voice as she copies the words she knows, or shout ‘Quack Quack’ at the duckies or ‘Woof Woof’ at the doggies.

To watch her toddle in her pink glitter wellies, chasing the autumn leaves and squeling in delight as she jumps in muddy puddles.

To watch her pick an item of wet clothing out of the washing machine and bring it to me to hang up (it’s not too young for child chores is it???!)

Not that it’s all puppy dogs and rainbows.

Far from it.

This morning hasn’t been without it’s frustrations.

This phase has brought with it a clingy child (I think it’s complete noseyness at what I’m doing to be fair but we’ll go with clingeyness).

Although I’m finding this new found clingyness adorable (I finally get long proper cuddles hurrah!) It has again made the simple art of showering an absolute hurdle today.

The constant whinging.

It would be ok if it was a full blown tantrum and bam you’re done.

But the sheer constant whinge drives me Insane.

So while the other half plays football, I’ve ‘I’m stuck’ her somewhere, jumped in the shower, thrown on some clothes, attempted a slight smear of make-up and ruffled some dry shampoo in my god-knows-when-i-last-washed-it hair.

The last week has been a tricky one – working full time round a poorly toddler while the OH works away. Throw in my own immune system deteriorating i’m sure it’s one of those weeks I’ll look back at in awe (or some warped sense of fondness).

Motherhood is an ecstatic ride of frustration, exhaustion, hurty heart, complete and utter awe all wrapped in  overwhelming undeniable love.

I’m finding each phase is not without its difficulties; the lack of motion isn’t savoured with a new born due to lack of sleep, the enjoyment of movement is then masked by the physical exhaustion at times of racing after a toddler.

Who always wants to go in the opposite direction.

Or where they’re not supposed to.

So it’s easy to look back with rose tinted glasses at those new born days.

Just like I’ll look back on rose tinted glasses on these days.

But these days of walking, talking, sharing and exploring are truly magical.
And with each phase, like they said it would, it passes quickly.

I need to stop.

I need to slow down.

And enjoy and embrace this topsy turvy toddler.

Watching your little person find amazement in mundane things you take for granted – it makes you see the world in a whole new light.

So like Chrissy Teigan says.

Give Me All The Eighteen Month Olds.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Images Unsplash and my own 

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