Bookworming my way back into blogging



Wow – it’s over a year since my last blog post and things have changed dramatically!

My focus has slowly wondered away from the writing and blogging world over the last couple of years. This was due to a fantastic opportunity at work – I was involved in a high level project that sucked all of my time and energy. It barely left any time for reading let alone looking after this baby.

Speaking of babies, I then had one of my own. Little Miss Ella joined us in March 2016 – yep, I’ve joined the mummy (or ‘mammy’ as we say here in Geordieland) gang.

So I thought it was only apt that my first book to get me back into reading should of course be The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner. I started following her blog (hilarious – check it out here) when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy – reading it on my phone while sitting on the bike machine at the gym (I was full of good intentions early on – that soon changed  when the Easter Eggs hit the shops! Cadbury’s chocolate was my ultimate guilty pleasure towards the end). My lovely friend Rachel bought me the book as a mammy gift before I had Ella and I started reading it in the hospital the day after she was born (hubby had managed to escape home for a bit, Ella was napping and there was only so much Jeremy Kyle I could watch on the TV!)


This makes Mat Leave look deceivingly glamorous – it’s not. I was lucky to read a couple of pages on this day as someone wanted attention.


Obviously I can’t spend maternity leave reading all day (not for the want of trying, there’s just a small human that keeps interrupting). But I’m going to give it a damn good try. I’m hoping to build up to writing again – this blog post being a starter for ten. I write this (quickly) after a successful full nights sleep (hurrah) while sitting on my bed as Little Miss E naps on her Poddle Pod. It’s 9am and we’re both fed, washed and dressed ready for the day. High five me.  Oh wait – she’s stirring – I’ve shoved My Little Pony on the TV to buy me a few more minutes.

I’ve lost my confidence in my writing and I’m in danger of loosing any brain cells I had left as I’m not working. I’m one of those saddos who loves to work. I’m loving spending time with my munchkin don’t get me wrong, but like most mams (mums) out there we all like to do something for ourselves. My biggest fear was loosing myself and I’m hoping that if I can get back into Missuswolf’s StoryLand, it will give me a sense of something that’s mine and I’m doing for myself.

After twelve weeks of trying in vain to establish a sleep routine, joining various baby groups and hanging around with my friends with babies I’ve managed to establish a comfortable (yet unpredictable!) pattern. Fingers crossed I can keep this up and hopefully fit in what I’ve loved doing since I was a child – reading and writing.

I’m off now to pound the pavements of Blyth with my sister and her kids (this Easter Egg weight won’t shift itself).

Love Missuswolf xxx





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