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SUNDAY 21st APRIL 2013

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I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Lori Verni-Fogarsi,  a fellow #GoTeamPIF member, who has just released her fab new book ‘Unexpecting’. I am so thrilled and honoured to be taking part in her blog tour.

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I’m excited to introduce a hot new release by Lori Verni-Fogarsi! The novel, “Unexpecting,”  is about a couple of almost-empty-nesters who, preparing to embark on their new, quieter lifestyle, receive the shock of their lives when a pregnant teenaged girl shows up on their doorstep and announces that she’s the daughter they never knew they had! Professionally edited and published by Brickstone Publishing, the book is available in paperback or Kindle. The author, Lori Verni-Fogarsi, is a two-time award winning novelist for “Momnesia”  and the author of “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs,” one of the most highly acclaimed books in its genre since 2005!

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You can purchase “Unexpecting” here.

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Lori Verni-Fogarsi has been an author, speaker, and small business consultant since 1995. She has been featured in media including “Lifetime Women’s Network,” the “My Carolina Today Show,” and “Boston Globe Forums Live.” Her public speaking has occurred at many prestigious venues including “North Carolina State University,” “Nassau Community College,” and many more. She has received two awards for her novel, “Momnesia,” and her nonfiction, “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs,” continues to be one of the most highly recommended in its genre since 2005. Lori is a happy married mom of two, step mom of two more, and has two cats, both rotten. She is very excited about the release of “Unexpecting,” and enjoys getting to know her readers via social media and in person. She invites you to learn more at

~Lori’s Books~


“Unexpecting”: Shelley and David are a couple of almost-empty-nesters preparing to embark on the next stage of their lives. They just ordered white furniture and planned the vacation they’ve waited their entire lives to take when Alexandra, seventeen and pregnant, shows up on their doorstep and announces that she’s the daughter they never knew they had!


Momnesia”: Feeling invisible under all the responsibilities of caring for her family, a suburban mom sets about finessing a new version of her old vivaciousness… seeking balance between her “momminess” and her “sexiness!”


“Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs”: Whether you have a puppy who is first learning, an adult dog with ongoing confusion, or simply want to teach your pet to use a designated area, this book answers literally every housebreaking question!

Now let’s get sipping that cuppa and catch up with the author …

Hi Lori and welcome! It’s great to have you here. Unexpecting-Cover-Smaller-198x300

Thank you! I’m so excited to get to know one another!

Where did the inspiration behind Unexpecting come from?

 I basically started with my worst nightmare and built from there! LOL! But seriously, I’m at a stage of life where my kids are starting to go off on their own, one-by-one. (They are 20, 18, 15, & 12.) I’ve enjoyed each stage of their lives, and am very much enjoying the preteen/teen years, but there is no part of me that would want to start all over again with a baby!

How would you compare writing this book with Momnesia and Everything You Need to Know About House Training 336-pix-Momnesia-194x300Puppies & Adult Dogs?

I would definitely say that “Unexpecting” has been the most difficult, because it is purely fictional and based upon experiences that I imagine, but have never had. It involved a lot more research and interviewing of people, whereas “Momnesia” was more a fictional/embellished account of things I had actually gone through. As for the dog training book, it was more a matter of taking my knowledge and experiences as a Certified Master Dog Trainer and putting it into a sensible, easy-to-use format.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

Strangely, my writing career wasn’t even planned! It kind of developed on its own, beginning with a newsletter I started for my dog training business back in 1995. I was surprised when I started receiving requests from other publications asking me to write for them too! Over the years since, I’ve written for magazines, newspapers, a weekly syndicated column, three books, my blog, and more!

How do you organise your writing time?

This is probably not what I’m “supposed” to do, but it works for me: I don’t really organize it at all! Instead, I set aside time each day that is for “my writing career,” overall. If the book is flowing, I follow my muse and just keep writing. If not, instead of freaking out about it, I’ll go back and do some editing. If I’m just not feeling it at all, I may use that time to work on my website, write a new blog post, or even just play around on social media a bit more than usual. I find that by not pressuring myself, I actually get more done—and certainly enjoy it more!

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?Picture

 There is no doubt about my answer to this one! It is at our second home, on Lake Gaston. I can sit in that seat, next to the lake, and just write and write and write. There are no distractions and when I need to clear my head, I just look for heron and other birds!

Wow, that is an amazing writing space! Perfect to escape and immerse yourself in writing a book.

housebreaking-book-cover-correct-196x300And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

My mind is constantly coming up with new business ideas. Over the years I’ve fully researched at least 18 different businesses that I never ended up doing, and I probably have at least four websites for things I didn’t decide to pursue!

A girl after my own heart – my mind never stops either and I have made a start at business plans in the past which have been pushed to one side.

Thank you for being here today Lori.

Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and I look forward to getting to know your blog’s followers, too!

~Where to find Lori~




Lori’s Website

Like other social media? Look for her at LoriTheAuthor everywhere!


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Love Missuswolf xxx


  1. Lori Verni-Fogarsi says:

    Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog! I hope your readers enjoyed it and that if they decide to read my books, they’ll enjoy them!

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