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I am thrilled to have the lovely Author and fellow North Easterner Michelle Betham back on my blog.

She returns  with a steamy new novel ‘Unbreakable’.

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~Author Bio~

Born in the North East of England, Michelle is an ex-media technicianDIGITAL CAMERA turned author of sexy, steamy – but sometimes humorous – romance novels.

Having spent a couple of years living on the Spanish Canarian island of Tenerife, she now lives in County Durham with her incredibly tolerant husband and West Highland Terrier. She spends most days at her desk drinking endless cups of tea as she creates more stories and new characters for future novels, although she has been known to get horribly distracted by Pinterest.

She’s at her happiest with a large bar of chocolate and a glass of wine, but that happiness has been known to be magnified ten-fold if Timothy Olyphant’s on TV.

‘Unbreakable’ – Book Blurb

Cassidy Cooper lives an ordinary life in north east England, bringing up her son and working in the office of a local college.

 Unbreakable cover imageBut when her American granddad dies, and her Kentucky-born mum insists they travel over to the US, to Glenville, the small town she was born and brought up in, to attend his funeral, Cassidy suddenly has to face up to a past she’s deliberately tried to push aside. Because the last time she’d visited that town things had happened; things Cassidy hadn’t dealt with very well. She hadn’t really dealt with them at all. Was she going to have to deal with them now?

Ethan Everett is the Sheriff of Glenville. Hot, handsome and slightly maverick in his ways, his life is carrying on the way it always has done, until Cassidy Cooper walks back into town. They have history. They have a past. And that past is something they now all have to face…

 As secrets buried within this small town threaten to tear lives apart, and change them forever, can love really be unbreakable?

A note from the Author …

Justified image‘Unbreakable’ is a book I wrote in just six weeks; a book heavily influenced by my love of a show called ‘Justified’ – a Kentucky-based “modern-day western”. And it’s a book I absolutely adored writing. It’s another dose of pure escapism, a bit of a bonkbuster if you like, because that’s what I write – hot romance with a kick! But this book is also a love story, when all is said and done. It’s a love story.

 Set mainly in a small town in central Kentucky, it tells the story of English girl Cassidy Cooper, and what happens when she revisits the town her mother grew up in; a town she’d last visited nineteen years ago. A town that harbours secrets Cassidy’s tried to push to one side for far too long. Secrets she now has to deal with, as she comes face-to-face with a past she can’t ignore any longer…

 Hi Michelle and welcome! It’s great to have you here again!

What was your inspiration behind the book?

As I mentioned before, this book was inspired entirely by the show ‘Justified’, but it was really the show’s main character Raylan Givens that kick-started the idea for ‘Unbreakable’. After watching just two episodes of ‘Justified’ I knew I wanted to create my own hot, handsome, hat-wearing, kick-ass lawman. And so Sheriff Ethan Everett was born!

I’ve also always loved those TV movies that are set in small towns in America, so I created my own fictional small town in central Kentucky for Sheriff Ethan Everett to run, gave him a past, and from then on the story just flowed.

I wanted to set the book in a small town because it needed to be set some place where everyone knows everyone else, and nobody’s past is a secret…

 How is the book different to your previously published books?

This book differs from my other books in that it took me just six weeks to finish the first draft. The story kind of hit me from out of nowhere – because this book wasn’t planned – but once the idea was in my head I couldn’t stop writing it. The words really did just flow, so much so that I’ve already started work on a follow-up.

But I’ve also taken a risk with this book, setting it in a place I know only through watching a TV show. But, saying that, it’s been the easiest book I’ve ever written. Without a doubt. And one of the books I’ve been most excited about.

~Where to find the Author~ 


 Twitter  @michellebetham



Unbreakable’ is available to download now from Amazon.

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