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I’m excited to be part of the launch celebration of “Ignite!” a book of tastefully erotic short stories written especially with moms in mind! By the way, my treasure hunt word is “DREAMS.”


You will not believe all the fun & prizes that are going on!

Whether you’re a woman who has put passion on the back burner, or you’re a hot mama who has been keeping things aflame, these stories are sure to light your fire!

They’re short. They’re hot. They’re a little something just for you!

As part of the blog hop and tour, I am delighted to interview one of the Author’s.

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Lori Verni-Fogarsi, who has just had her short story Just Like Old Times published in ‘Ignite’, a collection of tastefully erotic stories written especially with mums in mind!

Lori Author Pic

Hi Lori and welcome! It’s great to have you here again

Where did the inspiration behind your story for ‘Ignite’ come from?

“Just Like Old Times” is the story of a couple, married for 15 years, and like many couples, their sex life has gotten kind of… predictable. I wanted to write a story in which a couple rekindles the excitement of the early days, but in such a way that they’re still real people doing realistic things, rather than embarking on some over-the-top scenario that could be difficult to relate to.

It was inspired by my own desire to keep my marriage—including our sex life—exciting, no matter how long it’s been.

 How would you compare writing this story with Momnesia, Unexpecting and Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies & Adult Dogs?

They’ve all been very different writing experiences! The dog training book, being nonfiction, was basically a gathering of facts and information into a sequence that makes sense, is easy to follow, and has some humor mixed in, to make it a fun read.  My first novel, “Momnesia,” was, I admit, a cross between nonfiction and fiction… it was based upon my own perspectives and experiences, but enhanced with enough fiction to make it fun and interesting. “Unexpecting” was pure fiction, requiring 100% creativity in creating the entire story and characters. With the short story, “Just Like Old Times,” I sought to combine my real life fantasies with what I thought many womens’ fantasies might be, and had fun with the ability to let the sex scenes really flow without worrying about having to keep them “clean enough.”

How do you manage your writing time with juggling everyday life and a family?

Admittedly, I do the majority of my writing when my kids aren’t around; either when they’re at school, or at their dad’s house for the weekend. When they were younger (before they were in school or I was divorced and they went to their dad’s), I did the majority of my writing late at night after they were in bed. Yes, it was exhausting!

What’s your best piece of advice that you would give to all the lovely mothers out there?

Remember that being a mother is only one important part of who you are. It’s not only okay, but even a good influence on your kids, to be a person with your own interests as well… whether that be a hobby, maintaining other friendships, or simply saying no to a fifth round of Candyland so you can relax for ten minutes before you have to make dinner. Let them see that mothers are people too!

As for sex? My main piece of advice (although I realize it can be easier said than done) is to let go! Waiting to “get your sexy back” could mean it will never come back! Stop holding on to images of who you used to be, or what you used to look like, and instead, embrace who you are now.

Besides writing, tell us something else that you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about balancing all of my passions! There are so many things that are important to me! Raising my four kids, who are all teens, in such a way that I hope they become well-balanced, happy adults. Reading books. Maintaining a relationship with my husband that involves things other than pining over the kids every minute. Drinking wine. Boating. Maintaining friendships with my few close girlfriends. Shaving my legs on a regular basis. I try to balance these passions in such a way that, while there are certainly peaks and valleys, none are ever forgone altogether

Thank you for being here today Lori.

Thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and I look forward to getting to know your blog’s followers, too!

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  1. Julianna Darling says:

    Great blog post and interview! Thanks for supporting Ignite during this book tour – YOU ROCK! I love so many of Lori’s replies about balancing motherhood and individuality as a woman. Great job ladies!

    • Gemma Wilford says:

      No problem Julianna I loved being a part of it! Lori’s an inspiration and I love hearing about her writing and how she juggles it with being a mother. Good luck with the blog tour 🙂

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