Novel Project 2012


Evening All!

To mark the joyous occasion of me hitting a landmark with my writing, I thought I would treat you to an insight into my Novel Project 2012.

Since I started writing the first draft of my new novel on January 1st, yesterday i hit the 30,000 word mark.

As yet it is untitled – well, it will be to the public eye. Hey, a lady has to keep some mystery! 

Well actually,I tell a fib – I do have a name in mind but it is quite specifically themed and I am yet to see if I am happy with the outcome of the novel before I commit to it.

Therefore, when I blog about it, it will be referred to as Novel Project 2012 (boring I know, as I wannabe writer I should really have more imagination, however my brain is fried from putting my all into the actual writing of it.)

The main story is that it is based on a girl who loses a job she loves and the emotions she goes through. To bring some humour on the subject, the book is sprinkled with little funny stories – stupid sayings and ridiculous things that I have done over the years. I am hoping that any friends who read it will relate and remember them and it will bring a smile to their face.

Although the book is by no way autobiographical, it is loosely based on what I experienced last year when I nearly lost my job and it has been something that  I can pour the frustration that I felt at the time into. A therapist would be pleased – my attempt at turning a negative into a positive!

It is based on the year of 2011 and, alongside the main character, she has three close friends – a male and two females, who follow her on her journey and experience the tears and the laughter along the way.

I think this is why the words have flowed so easily as I am able to pour my own experience’s into it and coat it with some humour of my dippy life and things that actually do happen to me.  

It is more something I feel I have to write despite the fact I had plans to continue with a more serious book that i started writing in December 2010 (more on that to come…one day in the future. I feel this book will take many years to write.)

The urge to actually write this novel was too strong and I feel that it is something that I have to do. Maybe it is to put some sort of closure on last year’s rollercoaster ride.

I will keep you posted.

Love Missuswolf xxx


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