Pregnancy: Stretch marks, Spider Veins and Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Vein Treatment Missuswolf

The Human Body truly is amazing.

It has ways of healing itself, expressing pain and the ability to show physical or emotional reaction when there’s something wrong.

The body responds to external and internal factors.

Take stretch marks. The tiger stripes that emerge when your skin is pushed beyond its elasticity. The marks are there. They fade in time. But they serve as a reminder of the journey you took. Whether it be the transition from childhood into adulthood, the miracle of growing another human being in your body or a huge weight loss. They can appear.

These seem to be the hardest to treat of them all. Prevention rather than cure is always the emphasis on stretch marks. They inevitably fade in time. Laser therapy could be an option to alleviate the aggressive ones. However, it doesn’t completely remove them. The process only makes them less noticeable.

As discussed in my previous post Finding Sanctuary in a Tub and a Saviour in a Bottle, I do have them. Mine are on my thighs and hips. However these weren’t through pregnancy. These were from adolescence.

And because of this, I rather went to town on lathering creams and oils into my bump, hips and thighs.

Spider Veins are another example. Again, I have a sprinkling of these on the tops of my thighs and again, they weren’t through pregnancy. Causes of these could be a number of things; heredity, adolescence or an occupation that either involved a lot of standing or a lot of sitting. Who knows. They are there. They’ve been there a while. These are seen as cosmetic and as such, I would not be able to get varicose vein treatment on them on the NHS in England.

Brief pulses of light, know as lasertherapy, would be the varicose vein treatment for spider veins.

For thin, red veins closer to the skin’s surface, a pulsed dye laser would be used.

For the deeper blue and purple veins, a laser with a longer wavelength would be required.

A solution that shrinks the veins is injected with a tiny needle and the spider veins should disappear after about eight weeks.

I’ve not ruled out having varicose vein treatment on my spider veins. It’s something I would consider in the future.

Actual varicose veins are not something I have suffered from.


I imagine I may in later life. My grandma suffered from them a fair few years ago and she had them removed by surgery – which is known as litigation and stripping. There are also varicose vein treatments that now involve laser therapy and sclerotherapy.

Which is good to know.

As I’m queasy when it comes to anything to do with veins. I like to know there are options available now that don’t involve surgery.

I may have escaped lucky with my pregnancy with the The Little Lady but who’s to say that I’ll be as fortunate in the future?

I may get more stretch marks.

My spider veins may increase.

I may develop varicose veins.

So it’s good to know there are treatments out there and various options available should I need them.

Love Missuswolf xxx

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