Saturday Snaffles – Breakfast in Tynemouth

We seem to have fallen into a wonderful habit of going out for breakfast on a Saturday morning.

There’s nothing quite like us all piling into the car and going for an early (ish) morning drive along the coast in search of a bacon sarnie.


Our pit stop this Saturday was Tynemouth Park. We frequented this last summer in the early days of my pregnancy. A lifestyle of eating and drinking on a weekend took a quick u turn when a panic-stricken husband was desperately finding things to do to entertain his sober, now insanely food-fussy  wife.

So Friday evenings were spent with me losing at the Lost Adventure Golf – alternated with losing copious amounts of two pennies in the nearby Whitley Bay arcades.

Thankfully on this visit, my appetite was fully restored and I wasn’t subjected to an ass whooping at the golf. Baby in tow, we went straight for bacon (and sausage) sarnies at the Clock Tower Café. They were delightful; both on brown buns and plenty of meat on them. We didn’t realise until after we ordered that if we wanted any sauces that they cost extra (25p each) so I trooped on back to the counter to grab a couple of these.

Washing it down with a filter coffee with warm milk (and a can of coke for the hot-drink-a-phobic that is the other half), we were both eyeing up the new Pirate Quest maze (can’t wait to take Ella bells in there when she’s older).

I wiped the crumbs off my jeans and the sauce off my face (I’m worse than a child) and we headed to show Ella the golf and the Jungle Wipeout.

Not that she was particularly interested.

imageShe was just pleased with herself that she’d managed to ‘negotiate’ with her dad not going back in her pram. A sign of things to come I suppose. Daddy’s. Little. Finger.

So we walked around the Boating Lake, me pushing an empty pram (still good exercise with an overstuffed changing bag attached) and the OH carrying a smug Ella. We remembered to stop and take some pictures this time as we’re usually rubbish at capturing family outings.

We passed a really cute old couple out walking their dog. They were so happy and content, when we walked by the old man grinned ‘you’ve got a better job than I have’ he said to hubby as he motioned to the dog tugging on his lead. The old man was on doggy toilet duties bless him – I was tempted to say he should see the state of Ella’s nappies. Or worse still, the tornado like explosions that splatter her clothing. Which normally happen in public (the Zoo in the lakes, a visit into work blah blah blah).

Not today though.


We’d done it! Five months on and it’s still a pat on the back to  escape unscathed from any embarrassing baby-related incidents. Hurrah!

Our Saturday morning snaffling and cruising along the coast was a success!

Love Missuswolf xxx





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