The Ruby of Egypt – Ebook Kindle Edition


01st January sees the launch of The Ruby of Egypt Kindle Edition.


Available to download to Kindle now

Sunday 01st January 2012

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that Santy spoilt you all rotten!

For those of you who got a Kindle, my children’s book, ‘The Ruby of Egypt’ is now available for download from the Kindle Store on Amazon.

I hope you all had an amazing New Year and that 2012 brings you all health and happiness.

 I am so excited for the year ahead; I have two novel projects ongoing that I really want to get stuck into this year; one of which I ave already wrote 33,000 words and the other which I created a full project plan and timeline in a snatched quiet hour at work one night over this festive period. Both are a shift from children’s stories; one is a fun-loving easy read Chick-lit, the other is a darker more edgier Chick-lit.

P.S any problems with the Kindle downloads let me know asap and I will look into it. Thanks

Happy Reading

Love Missuswolf xxx

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