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I’ve been blogging on and off since August 2011. I started this blog to keep me company when I worked shifts. At that time, I blogged about the books that I read and the stories that I wrote.

Missuswolf Geek Club

I now write this blog to keep me company on maternity leave. And beyond. .

I’m championing Mental Health and Postnatal Depression. This has been at the forefront of my mind while I’ve been out of the working world and immersed in a completely different one.

Although not a PND sufferer myself, I think I could easily have been if I hadn’t had the support network that I do. This network has been a preventative. Yet it’s also raised the importance of PND and Mental Health issues. I’ve met people who are or who have suffered.

I’ve discovered it’s important to look after your Mental Health.

Me Time.

Which this blog is.

My Time.

Despite the underlying moan tone I have about parenting, it’s all in jest. My main aim is to motivate, empower and inspire.

I want people to have somewhere to turn; whether they’re on maternity/paternity leave, have lost a job, are going through a tough time or just generally want to escape for ten minutes.

I want them to turn here.

I promote the importance of looking after yourself mentally as well as physically.

Life’s all about balance.

I’ve worked with the Pocketnannies highlighting honest things in parenthood.

I’ve supported PANDAs UK promotion on PND awareness.

I’m registered with Britmums and have recently worked on their Aldi Mamia Days Out feature. I tied this in to the issues I’ve been having with weaning.

I’ve also featured the #MovementsMatter Campaign with the charity Tommy’s.

I offer an honest and open account of how I see and deal with life, injected with a warped sense of humour.

If someone’s having an off day, I want them to type in the word ‘Missuswolf’.

And, even if it’s just for ten minutes out of their day. Make them laugh. Make them smile. Make them feel good about themselves.

To come away with a positive; whether it’s putting their mind to something they’ve always wanted to do or they’ve found help in one of my posts. Like My Parent Hacks or Woes of Weaning.

As I am with my own work, I will also be open and honest with the work I do with you. I always look for the positive. But I’m also constructive.

If that sounds like the person you want to work with, please contact me at

Love Missuswolf xxx